11 Work From Home Jobs Perfect for Parents

Looking for a fun and flexible work from home gig? These jobs are perfect for parents of littles, school-aged children, teens, and tweens.

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Whether you are a new parent or a seasoned one, you're (more likely than not) here for one reason: You're looking for work. And while you may not be ready for a full-time return to office, i.e. while you may be your child's primary caregiver and the keeper of both the house and home, there are choices. Options are plentiful for stay-at-home parents. Plus, many of these options are flexible. Work can be done at your pace or leisure, and hours can be set by you.

Below are some of our favorite work-from-home jobs for parents and caregivers.

Companies Which Offer Work From Home Job Opprotunities


If you're looking for an online teaching gig, Outschool may be right for you. After filling out a brief application and verifying your identity, you will need to complete a background check. Once said check clears, you will need to complete several required training sessions. You can then create your profile and list your first class, which can be a topic you've had formal training in/on and/or anything you know a lot about. (Outschool does not require teaching credentials. They believe that experience and interest make an individual more than qualified.) As for pay, you will get 70 percent of the enrollment fees.


After registering online and completing a training and exam course, TranscribeMe will set you up with audio and video files that need transcribing. All that is required is a high school diploma and that you are fluent in English. You will also need a computer and internet access. TranscribeMe issues payments once a week through PayPal, and you can earn up to $22 per audio hour.

Stitch Fix

Becoming a stylist has never been easier thanks to Stitch Fix. When brought on board as a Stitch Fix stylist, you gain ongoing education and training and are asked to attend occasional social and company-sponsored events giving you a community despite your work from home status. You have the ability to set your own schedule while you shop for your clients—accommodating tastes, needs, and budget. Once completed, you mail the curated box straight to your client's front door. All that is required is that you be at least 18-years-old and can work 15-30 hours a week along with committing to a 6 hour training session, according to realwaystoearnmoneyonline.com.


Becoming a virtual tutor through websites like Chegg can be a very productive way to earn some extra cash flow. Before approval, one must fill out their online application, provide two forms of school verification—such as a diploma, transcripts, or student ID—that prove you are currently or have been enrolled in a university. Subject tests may be required depending on your area of expertise. Once an application is submitted a response should follow within 7 business days. All tutors are paid a flat rate of $20 an hour. PayPal processes payments automatically every Thursday morning.


While many assume a job with Amazon would be out of the house—delivery drivers, for example, are on the road most of the day and both pickers and stockers work the warehouse—the company has numerous work from home positions. Customer service reps work remotely, as do data entry personnel and many members of their tech support team. Learn more about each position by visiting Amazon's remote locations jobs page. Earn anywhere from $10 per hour to $50,000 per year.

World Wide 101

World Wide 101 is a premium subscription staffing website that provides virtual assistants to those in need. Although you have the luxury of working from home, you are still titled "a world-class business support specialist" whose main goal is to support entrepreneurs, small business owners, and executives with a wide range of assistant-like tasks. This is ideal for individuals with a background in administration, customer service, marketing, or project management. The application process includes two video interviews, psychometric testing, reference, and background checks—accepted candidates will be contacted within 14 days. You can earn up to $20-$22 an hour (payments go directly to your bank account) and there are benefit opportunities such as parental leave and paid vacation.


Appen has gained a positive reputation for being the ideal work from home option for new parents. The most popular job opportunity under Appen is the Social Media Evaluator position. After your application is accepted there is a training process—you are paid during this time. According to workersonboard.com, once training is completed your role is to evaluate the "impact" of random social media posts—this means examining assigned feeds and rating them. The job requires four hour work days, five days a week.

Other Work from Home Job Opprotunities


If you're good with a needle and thread, you may be able to work from home as a seamstress. Contact area dress shops, bridal shops, and even your local dry cleaner. Many offer contract and/or seasonal work

Medical coder

Have a background in medical billing and coding? Hospitals and/or medical facilities across the country need trained coders, and this work can be done remotely. All you need is a computer and access to the proper software/systems. That said, while this position can be lucrative, it does require training—either online or in-person.

Proofreader and/or writer

While it may not sound lucrative, freelance proofreaders and writers can make a decent living—with a little grit, hustle, and whole lot of determination. Look at company job boards and/or join online writing forums and groups. Network. And, when all else fails, contact local and national publications directly. Newspapers, websites, magazines, and blogs all employ freelancers.


One of the most flexible (and obvious) ways to earn money is to babysit, especially if you are already home watching your own child. You make your own hours, set your own rate, and can pick and choose your clientele. A real win-win. Interested? Consider setting up a profile with Sittercity and/or Care.

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