Stay-at-home Moms: Best Tips

Leaving work to stay home with kids can be a big adjustment. Moms who've been there offer their best tips.


My best piece of advice for someone who's going to stay home is really do it whatever you can to maintain the things that you're passionate about. I'm not afraid to talk to anybody. And I think that's incredibly important about being a stay at home parent. You just gotta be social. My advice for someone staying home after a very rigorous. Career would be to stay active at least mentally in what it was that you were doing. Especially if you have certain skills that you know you can do without going to a nine to five. Even if you're doing something that's not necessarily. In line with the amount of experience and education you have. I think that's just one of the sacrifices you have to make when you make this decision. You can be a wonderful stay-at-home mom and be a mediocre homemaker. And I think that that's a really big misunderstanding, that the stay-at-home mom has to be Martha Stewart. It doesn't happen. It's not reality. [MUSIC].

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