After Baby: Stay-at-home-moms have 'the hardest job on earth'

Lilly had just finished her master's degree when she got pregnant. She made a choice she never expected.


Hi, I'm Lilly. I'm a stay at home mom of a two year old and a seven year old. Before having kids, I had gone through a Master's program and worked at a University for a year. [MUSIC] Literally after I tossed that graduation cap in the air. I found out that I was gonna have a baby and this was with my partner that I loved very much. We were scared and surprised, but also excited about the possibilities. For me it just seemed like a new chapter. [MUSIC] I had my daughter, and. I was swept up by all the emotions that people have when they have a baby. I felt a really protective instinct. For me and our family, we did need to work, we needed the income. But I talked to my husband about what we could do, what if I try to stay home for two years. At two I thought. She could talk. So, if she wasn't happy in her daycare, she could tell me. Or express it to me somehow. Versus, if I had a 6-week old, I would never know what she was thinking. [MUSIC] It's really hard to be a stay at home mom. I think it's the hardest job on earth. I looked at it as kind of, a life experience that I was willing to. Take risks for. Make sacrifices, which were financial. It was a big one. I had to put my own career completely on hold and rely on my husband's income. The whole dynamic changed so much. But it was definitely worth it. [MUSIC] Looking back, I'm really happy I made the decision to stay at home with my daughter. It wasn't something I ever thought that I'd do. But, I really feel so good about it, because I feel like I had this amazing and precious time with her. I learned about her and I learned about myself. And I also made sure that I was thinking about my future in the meantime. I made a point to work as much as I could [MUSIC] Could. Whether it was when she went to sleep. Or up on the weekends when my husband could help me. But I always made a point to stay connected so that when I decided to go back to work I could do so and it wouldn't be such a huge transition for me. [MUSIC]

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