After Baby: I Gave Up My Medical Career

Ana gave up a career as an M.D. to stay home with her kids, a decision that has had financial and other consequences.


Hi, my name is Ana. I have four kids, an eight year old, two five year olds, and a a seven month old. [MUSIC] I found out I was pregnant when I was accepted into medical school, about eight years ago. I had went through med school with [MUSIC] One child, and then I had twins, not intentionally, in the middle. My husband got a fellowship. He was also a med student. And we moved to New York and at that time we decided if one of us stayed back from continuing a career in medicine [MUSIC] Our children were at an age where they really wanted someone to be around and it just made sense for me to sacrifice my time away to be home with my kids as I transitioned into a different life of starting school and we had another kid and so it just, that's. Really the main reason. But it wasn't an easy decision for sure. [MUSIC] Most med students take loans out. So that was another big decision to make of staying home. Is going from practically a zero income as a resident to a negative one income. Where. We owe 250,000 probably both a houseful of debt together for med school. [MUSIC] I think for me, it was such a big thing to give up. Going into medicine, I don't think I realized. What I was going to be having to sacrifice or the choices I would have to make? Would I do it again? Yes. I mean, that's a hard question for me to answer because I can't go back. But I do have a mountain of debt and an MD behind my name. And I stay home and wipe. Peoples bottoms all day long. Is staying at home rewarding? Yes, in a way, am I thanked as much as I would from a patient? Probably not. It is really rewarding to not miss those little. Milestones that your children make, not that you won't experience them, cuz I did, but I was the first to see my child stand up. I wanted to be there for them as they transition into this world of their own identity, than hold their hand through it. [MUSIC]

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