Work or Stay Home

Career woman or career mom? It doesn't have to be one or the other. Know your options and learn how you can find a balance that will work. Our tips help you nail your decision with no regrets.

How Much Would a Stay-at-Home Mom Be Paid Annually? A Lot!

A new survery has calculated how much the work of a SAHM would cost if she was paid for every task she did, and the result is a six-figure annual salary.

How to Create a Financial Plan as a Stay-at-Home Mom

Everything SAHMs should know about her family's finances even if she is not the current breadwinner.

Starting a Family Day Care

Want to stay at home with your kids and earn an income?

Quiz: Should You Stay Home or Go Back to Work?

These days, after asking you which names you've chosen for the baby, people will want to know whether you plan to stay home or go back to work after giving birth. Truth is, you can't know what's best for you until that baby is in your arms. But if you're eager to plan your post-baby situation, take this 10-question quiz for some light-hearted guidance.

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The Working Mom Balancing Act

11 steps to finding work-family balance in your crazy-busy world.

Go Back to Work or Stay Home?

Whether you're at home full time or back at your job, you've got issues. We've got solutions.

Staying Home with Your New Baby

How you--and baby--can stay happy and fulfilled while adjusting to your new life together.

How to Prepare Your Career for Parenthood

Having a baby doesn't mean you have to leave your career behind, but juggling motherhood with work isn't always easy. Here's what you need to know -- and discuss -- before Baby comes along.

After Baby: Long Maternity Leave Was 'Financially Disastrous'

Shana, a public school teacher, talks about how finances affected her maternity leave decisions.

Stay-at-home Moms: Best Tips

Leaving work to stay home with kids can be a big adjustment. Moms who've been there offer their best tips.

Quiz: Should He Be a Stay-at-Home Dad?

Does your partner have what it takes to be a stay-at-home dad? Take our quiz to find out.

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The Reason Many Couples Divorce May Surprise You

A new study looks at the financial factors that lead to a higher risk of divorce, and the results may not be what you'd expect.

Your Smart Guide to Maternity Leave

Here's how to find out what you're entitled to, and how to negotiate the best possible deal.

Why I Quit My Job

The number of women leaving work to be home with their children is on the rise. Who are these moms, and what's motivating them? Here, meet five women who explain the joys and the challenges of staying home.

4 Stay-at-Home Mom Money Problems and Solutions

Feeling left out of the family finances because you don't bring home a paycheck? Here's how to lose the guilt--and regain control of your cash.

How Can I Leave My Baby?

Readers share helpful hints on how to make going back to work easier.

Beating Stay-at-Home-Mom Boredom

One mom wonders how she can entertain herself and baby, besides music classes and mommy support groups.

Should You Stay Home or Work Part-Time?

The decision to stay home with your baby is a deeply personal one -- but it's also a practical, financial one. You may absolutely want to do it. But can you? In many cases, yes, if you are clear eyed about what it will take, says Sally Herigstad, CPA, author of Help! I Can't Pay My Bills. It's partly an attitude adjustment: "If you're accustomed to living on $80,000 a year as a two-income family, you may feel you need that much. But if you try it, you may discover that if you have less, you get by on less."

6 Tips for Living on One Income

Your family can live comfortably with one working parent.

6 Things NOT to Say to a Mom on Maternity Leave

Never say these six things to a mom on maternity leave.

Why Do Moms Have to Go Back to Work Before They're Ready?

A tragedy sheds light on the need for better family-leave policies.

Real Mom: Juggling Work and Family

See how Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin handles trips to the Middle East while raising three kids.

5 Things NOT to Say to a Stay-at-Home Dad

These five common things that people say to stay-at-home dads leave everyone feeling awkward.

Mom for Hire: How Parenting Can Help Your Resume

Think there's no way to make your SAHM title look impressive on a resume? Think again. Jill Heinze, senior marketing analyst for, shows you how to spin your parenting experience in an interview -- and prove you''ve got skills that employers need.