Moms Run the World

Powerful, inspiring moms are everywhere, and they’re doing more than raising the next generation. They’re running for office, running companies, and breaking records. Meet the women who prove that moms truly do run the word.

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Strange Bird Beauty Founder Is Making Self-Care a Core Aspect of Motherhood and Entrepreneurship
Growing up, Tina Rudolf saw her mom take great pride in her beauty routine. Now, she's sharing those lessons with other women and moms through her spiritual skincare line.
Motherhood Fueled This Single Mom's Passion for Advocacy—All the Way to Public Office
Aleta LaFargue is a mother, community organizer, activist, actor, education advocate, and champion of the arts. Here's how she's channeling that passion—and what she learned as a parent—in her run for City Council in New York City.
Olympian Allyson Felix on Overcoming Adversity and Teaching Her Daughter to 'Just Keep Pushing'
She’s the most decorated track-and-field star in the world, an advocate for maternal health, and a leader on protections for pregnant athletes. Now Allyson Felix is looking ahead to her next Olympic Games—and to the day her daughter understands what she’s working to achieve.
Serena Williams Believes That Her Postpartum Health Complications Made Her Stronger
The new mom took to Facebook to speak out about the effects of her powerful Vogue interview.
Designer Rachel Pally Shares How to Add Style and Comfort to Your Maternity Wardrobe
The designer and mom of two offers tips for cultivating your personal style and feeling empowered through pregnancy and beyond.
New Frida Mom Line Is a Game-Changer for Postpartum Recovery
Frida Mom is a first-of-its-kind wellness line of postpartum recovery products meant to prep and support women through the "fourth trimester."

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Microsoft CVP Liat Ben-Zur Shares How Becoming a Mom Helped Her Embrace Her True Self
The corporate vice president at Microsoft and mom of two opens up about how adversity and parenthood helped her live her most authentic life as a member of the LGBTQ community—and urges others to do the same.
We're Moms Working at the Border to Make Change: Here's How You Can Help
When news alerts started featuring kids separated from their parents on the southern border of the United States, these four Latina moms knew they had to do something. Now they tell you how you can help.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand on Her Fight to Help Families: 'Paid Leave is For Everybody, For All Life Events'

Amidst negotiations and votes in D.C., Senator Kirsten Gillibrand sat down with's political contributor Emily Tisch Sussman for the Moms Run the World series to talk about how her policies for paid leave, universal pre-K, and child care made it into President Biden's Build Back Better agenda.