Working Moms: Best Tips

Going back to work after baby presents unique challenges. Working moms offer their best tips.


[MUSIC] One piece of advice I have for moms who are deciding to go back to work is to utilize technology like apps for your phone to help you stay connected with your kids while you're at work. Learning how to delegate more at work, if that's an option, is really good. If you have a boss that you can talk openly with. That's also really helpful, so that there may be some flexibility in your hours or that you can take some work home. You shouldn't feel guilty or unsure about asking to take your child to a doctor's appointment. You shouldn't be ashamed of going to pump or asking for a, a space. One thing that I found really helpful is to give myself five minutes of silence on my way home from work. Give myself some peace, say goodbye to the day, and make sure that I'm rested and calm, and there for my kids when I get home. Never be afraid to ask for help. You have to reach out to other parents. You may have to reach out to your family. Don't let your pride get in the way. It takes village to raise a child. [MUSIC]

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