11 Totally Unrealistic Stock Photos of Working Moms

Have these working women finally found work-life balance? Probably not.

11 Totally Unrealistic Stock Photos of Working Moms

1. Look, over there—I think I see my promotion whizzing by!

Woman on Phone with Child in Car Seat Shutterstock

2. I knew there was a reason for all that prenatal yoga.

Mom with Two Heads Holding Son and Computer Getty

3. File this under #workingmom.

Mom with Crib in Office Getty

4. A nice bottle of warm milk really does help you fall asleep…

Mom Asleep on Desk Getty

5. I really hope I hit “save” on that PowerPoint presentation…

Toddler in Diapers Stepping on Computer Getty

6. “You just stay right here. Mama can’t carry you and walk in these heels at the same time.” 

Mom in Heels with Child on Couch Shutterstock

7. Dropping my baby off at daycare is such a joy!

Mom Dropping off Baby at Daycare Shutterstock

8.  “No, thanks, I’ve got it” … “I’ve gotten really good at typing with one hand, ha ha” … “It’s loading now” … “I SAID I CAN DO IT!”

Mom Holding Baby During Meeting Shutterstock

9. "Oh, s#!%, did she just press ‘send’?"

Mom working on computer with baby on lap Shutterstock

10. "Nod, smile, and thank God for the mute button."

Mom of toddler holding laptop Shutterstock

11. #overit

Mom Annoyed While Holding Daughter Getty