The Trick to Balancing Kids and a Career

Robyn Moreno gives advice on how to juggle being a new mom and having a career.


[MUSIC] By far, the number one question that I get from readers is how I balance having kids with having a career. And, what I tell them is, it's really not a balance, it's really, just, sort of, like slow and steady's gonna win the race, you know? When you have kids, you can't do everything all at once. And when you try to is when you get really frustrated, and really upset and really crazy. So, it's really just taking it, you know, one day at a time and recognizing that, you know what, you can't do everything 24 hours. Everyone always said that to me when I would stress out like, but, you know, my career. And, I'm missing all of these opportunities because I'm pregnant or I'm breastfeeding and they said, you know, you're never gonna have this time alone with your kid. Your kid's never going to be six months again. Your kid's only gonna learn to walk for the first time, and at the end of the day, you know your career will be waiting but your kids, you know, will get older. [MUSIC]

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