Supernanny Jo Frost Shares Her Top Work-from-Home Advice for Parents During the Pandemic

As remote and hybrid learning schedules become the new norm, Jo Frost is coming to the rescue with smart rules to help working parents balance school days and the workweek.

For three decades, Jo Frost, of Lifetime’s Supernanny, has brought order to chaotic households. Now her inbox is full of questions from moms desperate to work while their kids learn remotely. If you’re tired of hiding in the car, try Frost’s advice.

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Set boundaries.

Sitting next to your little student makes it harder for them to grasp that you’re working. "The kids can be nearby, but establish your own space," says Frost.

Stick to routine.

"Kids thrive on it," says Frost. It’s easier for them to do schoolwork and respect your workday if you largely stay on task. Make beds, have breakfast, get dressed—and then each of you report to your spot.

Signal when you’re busy.

"Have a red or green light, an actual sign, that tells everyone if you’re free or not," suggests Frost. Kids love visual cues—it’s why classrooms are full of them.

Feed the meter.

Your kids need and want you, and the perk of working from home is the ability to be together instantly. Stick to a schedule so they have your attention at predictable times. In addition to mornings and evenings, Frost suggests lunch.

"Come together, sit around a table, and talk about what happened and the plans for the afternoon. Then say, ‘Right, okay, I have to go back to work,'" says Frost. Without guilt! After all, your work is for their well-being too.

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