Interviewing While Pregnant

Here are five helpful tips for interviewing while pregnant.


[MUSIC] Let's face it, job interviews are stressful enough without being pregnant. To relieve some of the pressure, here are five helpful interviewing tips. First, decide ahead if you're sharing your news. By law, a company can't deny you employment because you're pregnant. And you're not legally required to tell them. But if you waltz into an interview with a visible bump, you may get some raised eyebrows. Most experts suggest keeping quiet during your first trimester, but pipe up if you're further along. And mention it on the phone ahead of the interview to avoid any awkwardness later. Second, come physically prepared. Dress comfortably in light, loose-fitting clothing. Eat and visit the bathroom before you go in, and bring a water bottle. Third, use your interview to scope out the work environment. Look for signs of a family friendly office. Do you see kids' drawings on cubicle walls? Does the interviewer mention his or her kids or bring up flexible working without prompting? Next, pay attention to their questions. Asking about your pregnancy is not an instant lawsuit, but it may be evidence of discrimination. Make detailed notes when you leave the interview, so if you are turned down and suspect discrimination, you can take legal action. Finally, if you get an offer, before you accept. Ask about benefits. Find out when your insurance kicks in, maternity and parental leave policies, and whether there's ever flexibility to work from home. With any interview, just relax, be yourself, and you'll be good to go. Good luck with your job hunt. [MUSIC]

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