After Baby: How I Found Flexibility At Work

Kristy had premature twins and went back to work after her maternity leave. But when her nanny quit unexpectedly, she made a life-changing decision.


My name is Kristy, I have 6 year old twins and I now have a 3 year old as well. [MUSIC] My twins were actually born 9 weeks early. I had to have an emergency C section and they were in the N.I.C. U. for 5 weeks. And I was so caught up in that experience that I didn't really fully think about what was going to happen after my maternity leave was over. When they finally came home from the NICU I was with them full time for two more months. And I had this choice whether to go back to work or not and. I wasn't prepared to leave my job at that point and so I went back. [MUSIC] A lot of people choose daycare, but when you have two kids it's really cost prohibitive. So started looking for a nanny, and I found someone who seemed very qualified who had raised twins herself and [MUSIC] I was miserable. I never saw them. I was gone all day, every day. I would come home from work, and they were asleep. And then that nanny quit, unexpectedly. I, at that point, decided that I wanted to stay home. And it was more a decision that I was forced to make. But there were so many positive things that came of it. [MUSIC] I left my job. I was home with them full time, and it gave me the confidence that I could do it by myself. I just started to realize more and more that I wanted to be the one at home with them. I wanted to be the one seeing all of their developmental changes and growth. And I wanted to really get to know them in a way that I didn't feel I was able to do when I was working full time. The hardest thing about adjusting to being home full time. Was that I had to plan out a full week of activities. And I think that you have to force yourself to do that and create a schedule. Otherwise, the hours are just endless. [MUSIC] I didn't leave my job think. Thinking I was going to start my own business. But I, I really missed work and needed that flexibility, and I started to craft this business that I knew would work well for me. In my case, because I was a Human Resources professional, I started doing HR consulting for small companies that didn't have an in-house Human Resources team. And then I eventually started doing more recruiting which is what I do now, I have. Have my own executive search firm and it was something I could do very flexibly from home so I think you have to be really creative. Parents shouldn't think about the event experience as being forever; things change, things shift. You change and your kids change. Their needs change and I think you have to. Just be open to however your life evolves and, and what your kids' needs are. But I think with a good support system you could still have it all in the way that you can work and be satisfied with your professional life and still be home with your kids. [MUSIC]

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