Work Life Balance

Juggle a kid and your career? It's possible with a healthy work-life balance. Try these tips from the pros to become a better worker and better parent.

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Survey Finds Parents Working from Home Now May Be More Productive Than People Without Kids

The survey also found that overall, people reported only a 1 percent change in productivity with working from home as opposed to at the office.
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3 Free Meditation Practices to Try During Your Lunch Break

Trying to get over that mid-day slump? Even the busiest parents can squeeze these free meditation practices into their lunch break. The result is a clearer mind, reduced stress, and better concentration.
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10 Things to Consider Before Going Back to School as a Parent

Considering going back to school at 30? 40? Experts—and parents who've done it—share their tips for success when it comes to continuing your education when you have kids in school, too.
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How I Landed My Dream Job While 6 Months Pregnant

I was six months pregnant when I decided it was time to find a new job closer to home and to my family who could help with child care. I took the plunge and went on an interview. My experience reaffirmed my belief that pregnancy shouldn't hinder your career.
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I Was Laid Off For Being Pregnant

After announcing I was pregnant, my supervisor's boss began summoning me to his office for impromptu meetings where he referred to my pregnancy as “the problem."
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5 Ways to Make the Most of Weeknights With Your Kids

If you’re frustrated that you get only a few hours with your kids, try these simple strategies to optimize your moments, and trust that they’re enough.
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How to Master Working From Home—While Under Quarantine With Kids

The spread of the coronavirus is forcing working parents into telecommute situations across the country. If you’re struggling to stay productive while working from home, these tips from full-time work-from-home moms may help.
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10 Ways Moms Can Balance Work and Family

It's never easy being a mom trying to juggle a full-time job with a family life. Read on for tips on how you get closer to reaching an ideal work-life balance.
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I Was Bullied at Work for Being a Mom

Despite women having a louder voice across political, social and business spectrums, mom bullying in the workplace remains a significant issue. And yes, it's 2019.