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Mom of 6 Launches Modest Clothing Line Inspiring Her Kids To Embrace Their Muslim Culture
Sherihan Moustafa, the CEO and founder of Urban Modesty, shares her journey creating a brand that's empowering Muslim women and her own kids.
For Moms, Kim Kardashian's Advice Couldn't Have Come at a Worse Time
Kim Kardashian's 'best advice for women in business' didn't go over well, but for working moms navigating pandemic parenting, her take is particularly damaging, culturally and institutionally.
Mom Who Reentered the Workforce After 7 Years Tells Hiring Managers To Consider Parents With 'Resume Gaps'
Parents who have stepped away from their careers can add incredible value to their workplaces. One mom, who successfully navigated a resume gap, wants hiring managers to remember that.
What Parents Really Need From Employers to Return to the Workplace
Corporate culture cannot return to what it was pre-2020 and if we are going to keep parents in the workplace, we need to start rethinking how they are treated.
Teacher Goes Viral After Gynecologist Asks to Hold Parent Conference on the Exam Table
This third grade teacher didn't plan to check these two things off her list on the same day, but educators seem to be expected to roll with the unexpected more than ever these days. Looks like her latest lesson is a lesson in boundaries.
Out-Of-Office Notice: My Kids Are At Home And I'm Trying To Survive
Mom and entrepreneur Hitha Palepu shares the auto-response notice she enables when her children's schools are closed—and walks parents through how they can do it with their employers, too.

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Why Are So Many Moms Solely Responsible for Child Care Costs?
If you're a mom in a relationship with your baby's father—say married, partnered, living together, etc.—I want to ask: Why is it only up to you to take care of the kids?
How Parents Can Ask for Flexibility at Work Post-Pandemic
Maybe you enjoyed remote work throughout 2020 or are looking for a flexible job come the New Year. Locking in a work-from-home gig isn't a given (even in today's climate), but it's easier to make your case than you think. This is where experts say to start.
Becoming a Single Mom By Choice Increased My Earning Potential

Despite popular myth and stereotypes, single mothers are not all poor and desperate. On the contrary; when I became a single mom by choice, I started making more money than I ever had. Here's how.