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How Parents Can Ask for Flexibility at Work Post-Pandemic
Maybe you enjoyed remote work throughout 2020 or are looking for a flexible job come the New Year. Locking in a work-from-home gig isn't a given (even in today's climate), but it's easier to make your case than you think. This is where experts say to start.
How to Make Half Cover It All: Transitioning to a Single-Parent Salary
Transitioning to be a single parent—and a single-income household—is possible, and it's not even that painful. These tips will help parents going through a divorce learn how to make half cover all.
5 Tips for Juggling Your Role as Parent, Partner, and Worker
When it seems as if you’re constantly shifting gears, it can be hard to feel fully present in any of your roles. But there are ways to slow down and make the transitions easier.
Here Are the Maternity Leave Benefits for Every State
The United States is woefully behind the rest of the world on paid parental leave. While federal paid leave shakes out, here's a guide to which states offer paid and unpaid family and medical leave.
To Bring Working Moms Back To The Office, We Need More of Them in Leadership Positions
In far too many companies, there still aren't working mothers—or even women—in leadership positions. By prioritizing women in leadership, companies will organically evolve into spaces where women feel seen, heard, and valued.
Pumping at Work Is Still Awful, but It Might Be Getting Better
On Friday, the House voted to strengthen laws around lactation at work and make the lives of many breastfeeding parents easier.

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Spanx CEO Gives Employees $10K and 2 First Class Tickets to Travel Anywhere in the World
"My life motto is the more you experience in life, the more you have to offer others," the entrepreneur wrote on Instagram.
Becoming a Single Mom By Choice Increased My Earning Potential
Despite popular myth and stereotypes, single mothers are not all poor and desperate. On the contrary; when I became a single mom by choice, I started making more money than I ever had. Here's how.

Why We Need to Be Parenting Loudly

It's time to stop working like you don't have a family and parenting like you don't work—not just for your own sake, but for parents everywhere.