5 Things Meghan Markle Has Done That No Other Royal Mom Has

The former American actress has broken the mold of royal motherhood quite a bit!

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Holding Newborn Son FIrst Photos
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British royalty has plenty of rules and traditions—but Meghan Markle has been breaking lots of them, ever since she and Prince Harry announced their engagement. Whether it's skipping the Queen's suggested pantyhose on occasion or not being afraid to engage in a little PDA with her beloved, Meghan has definitely shaken up the royal family.

And now that they're parents, they've also done things a little differently than past royals—particularly big brother Prince William and his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Here's a few ways Meghan and Harry have already broken new ground in their very first weeks as new parents.

1. Meghan had a baby shower.

Yes, Harry and Meghan didn't exactly need to hit up their friends and family to splurge on a stroller or a few cute onesies for Archie. But what mom-to-be doesn't deserve an opportunity to celebrate their impending motherhood with the people who love her? (Especially when Meghan's guest list included luminaries like Serena Williams and Amal Clooney!) Royal showers sounds like a tradition worth creating.

2. This is the first baby in the royal family named Archie.

There's a few Archibalds among Scottish royals way back in the 1500s and 1600s, but no other Archies. Ever. (The name is pretty popular currently in Britain at large, though.)

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3. They gave Archie only two names.

Harry and William each sport four names, and all of William's kids have three. But Archie only has the standard two that most people have—a first and a middle. And neither name is exactly pulled from the typical royal family pool. (Middle name Harrison literally means Harry's son!)

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4. Meghan didn't give birth at the Lindo Wing.

It's where Harry and his brother were born, along with all of Prince William's children. But on May 17, the Daily Mail published Archie's birth certificate, which stated he was born at Portland Hospital in Westminster. Before this announcement, many news reports indicated Meghan planned to give birth at her home, Frogmore Cottage on Windsor Estate. The luxurious hospital charges £15,000 to £20,000 for a childbirth package, which includes 24-hour room service, champagne, a celebration meal, four-poster beds, and other lavish amenities. Other high-profilers who gave birth at Portland Hospital include Sara Ferguson (the Duchess of York), Victoria Beckham, and Elizabeth Hurley.

5. The birth was first announced on social media.

The Queen usually opts to announce royal births with a little ceremony and easel with the announcement particulars placed outside the palace. But this time, the first scoop came from the couple's Instagram page, @sussexroyal, with the easel ceremony hours later.

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