Social Media... According to Kids

Your kid might not have her own Instagram account, but she definitely knows what it is! Find out what kids really know when it comes to your favorite social media platforms.


[MUSIC] Ahhhhh. [MUSIC] Where you tweet. [LAUGH] It's like [INAUDIBLE] blue bird. [INAUDIBLE] Facebook. Yeah. I know. That my mom always says Facebook, but I don't know what it really is. It's like when you talk with friends and you post pictures up. And you can write stories. [MUSIC] Me and [UNKNOWN] are actually on Instagram, but we're on our mom's. Mom's instagram. I have an instagram and a snap chat, though. I have pictures of lots us modeling. We have pictures when we were babies. We have pictures when we were in the city. We have pictures with the windmill. We have picture doing tumbling, cheerleading. We have pictures with our mom and our family. [MUSIC]

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