Online App Helps Kids With Diabetes Eat Safely

Video courtesy of Nationwide Children's Hospital


-Making a sandwich requires a lot more calculation for Isaac Kedrick than it does for most of us. Isaac has type-1 diabetes. So every meal he has to carefully balance the amount of insulin he takes with the carbs he eats, something that be intimidating for those who aren't used to it. -First, we were really hesitant and even the parents of his friends were a little hesitant as well 'cause they weren't sure what to do and so they would call or texts us quite often. -And with good reason, getting the balance right between insulin and carbs is crucial, uncontrolled blood sugar from diabetes can eventually lead to everything from heart disease to blindness. -There's no weekend off. There's no summer vacation from diabetes. It's something you've got to deal with every single day, and that makes it really tough 'cause you just get tired of it. -So, how to make that process easier, Dr. David Repaske of Nationwide Children's Hospital came up with this. The first online app to help kids and anyone who cares for them chart their blood sugar levels in advanced. Simply plug in a few numbers and you create a graph that calculates how much insulin and carbs a child needs, which not only help kids with diabetes but everyone from camp counselors, to teachers to relatives. -Having something printed out that is not just for one time, that it's useful for a month or 6 months or a year no matter what the conditions are. -Isaac uses a pump to automatically deliver the right amount of insulin into his system. But if it should fail or if others around Isaac needs a help, his Mom says having a printable portable chart can offer a peace of mind. -I think that would be awesome to be able to have that tool to use and I think they would feel a little more comfortable. -At Nationwide Children's Hospital, this is Clark Powell reporting.

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