Must-Knows On Tech and Child Development: Take Fewer Photos!

Parents are constantly taking photos on their phone of their kids. Dr. Adair explains how a parent can find the balance between using technology around their kids and when it's time to put it away.


[MUSIC] Another funny way in which technology is changing infant and toddler's relationships with their parents, is the extent to which we're all sort of getting caught up in a photo-based experience of childhood. When parents get very preoccupied by getting the right picture from the birthday party, the Christmas event, the holiday trip, the family outing, whatever it is, we all stop being fully present. Children are being asked, far too often to pause their full engagement in real life playing. To create a fake frozen image of a moment. And what it's doing, is it's creating a dynamic for everybody, where we're not enjoying what we're doing in the moment. We're both being there, but also thinking, what's the best photo I can get, was I sure to get everybody, or I really wanna get my child with this person. Which really distracts us, and brings us out of the moment, into a more image based, futuristic. While you thinking about what's meaningful and what matters most. And what children need to do is to stay fully present and enjoy the moment in a much more authentic way. [MUSIC]

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