How Tech Impacts Your Child's Creativity

Dr. Adair gives advice on the best way to develop a child's creativity in a world full of technology.


[MUSIC] One of the biggest threats of technology on the developing toddler, is when we let the magic of the iPad and playing on an iPad replace the magic of playing in real life. That's called deep play. And it's the capacity for deep play to create narrative in your own mind with your own images that really is one of the most important aspects of intellectual creativity that you want your child to develop. Often you play with somebody else, and you learn to share and you learn to fight and will have a co-create, and be very physical moving around, running around, developing full coordination. And this is the beginning of learning how to be on the team, how to innovate, how to be physically and fully engaged. We need to remember kids only have until the age of five to develop the platform for all their future learning. It's called the [UNKNOWN] its part of our brain. When children sit on couches and play passively on iPads, they are missing out. On the most important way children learn and grow and develop, as toddlers. [MUSIC]

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