Digital Devices and Children

Children are currently spending more time with technology than they do in school or with their family.


-Kids now are digital natives. You see kids as young as 2, 3 and 4 playing with their parents' phones, their tablets; and this has an enormous impact on their brain development, on their social, emotional and cognitive development and virtually all aspects of their lives. -When I first got the iPhone, mommy's phone was the de facto. -Now has her own phone, too. -[unk], oh my God. -She knew her way around an iPhone better than I did. I would catch her trying to download. -The average kid spends 7-3/4 hours per day with media and technology; more time than they spend with their parents, more time than they spend in school. We talk a lot about limiting screen time, and that's the number one thing that you, as a parent, can do. -When he first introduced her to the idea of streaming video, it changed everything. -It was a Pandora's Box, it turned into TV. Sometimes it's convenient for us to just say, here go ahead go to your room, you can watch that. It's something that we've fallen into and we need to start reining that in. -The first thing she does when she gets up in the morning, comes out, and says mommy where's your iPad? God, she saying it out loud makes me feel guilty. -Even if we're gonna do dinner at the dinner table, the iPad is portable so why can I just set it right here on the dining table with me while I'm eating dinner. And, when we said no, she was not happy about that. -Her behavior has definitely changed. She zooms out to the point where you can't talk to her. -[unk]. -Her expectation is that it can go anywhere with her. And I don't like that. -One thing that I think parents really need to think about in this is their own behavior. So, if you're constantly getting messages on your iPhone or your computer, you're not paying as much attention to your child, you're not modeling behavior for your children. Parenting hasn't really changed, and how kids learn hasn't really changed. Even though we have all these new fangled fancy devices, still the best thing you can do is read to your children; teach them with unstructured play like blocks, let them go play outside, let them experience nature. As a parent in this 24/7 digital universe, there's a new rules that we need to learn for ourselves, and then that we need to teach to our own children. -And go. In terms of how we feel about her online life in the future, I do worry about it. How do parents really engage not just in what they're watching but what is being sent to them, what they're sending out. -There almost needs to be a parenting in the modern age class. -What color do you want for whale? -I think, I like blue. -I hope we get to a place where the use of the technology doesn't drive a personality or her spirit because she has such a great spirit. And I don't want that to be tampered because of the impersonal way that we communicate. -[unk].

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