Clubhouse Became the Outlet I Needed as an Extrovert Mom This Pandemic

As an extrovert, I really missed my social life during the pandemic. I tried it all but it wasn't until I jumped on Clubhouse where I found the connection I needed. Here's why I think it could really benefit other moms—long as they set boundaries.

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I am an extrovert and going a year without much human interaction outside of my husband, 4-year-old daughter, and 1-year-old son has been challenging to say the least. And since my partner is a resident physician, he's been working a ton. This gives me one less person to talk to on most days, and so, I've spent a lot of time chatting it up with my 4-year-old.

Over the last year, I've also spent so much time trying to fill the void that the pandemic created in my social life. Though I have found some creative ways to be in contact with people through FaceTime and Zoom, I still felt like I was missing connection. I missed being with parents at the park. I missed preschool pickup and drop off. I missed my mommy dates when my kids were at school.

That all changed in December when I got an invite to join Clubhouse. I quickly went on the exclusive, audio-only social media platform, and haven't gotten off since. I find myself on Clubhouse first thing in the morning, and after the kids go to bed at night. Clubhouse has quickly become an essential part of my routine as a parent. I have found my community.

Clubhouse has quickly become an essential part of my routine as a parent. I have found my community.

Truth be told, I have spent endless hours on this app in the past three months. I find myself searching for my headphones so I can listen in while I cook, or while my kids are watching a show. And I feel it can benefit other moms too, especially if they know how to make the most of it.

Use the App in Different Ways

Clubhouse is electric, not just because of the value you receive, but because of the humanity exchanged on this app. There is something powerful about real-time voice interaction. If a mom cries "on stage" because her child is teething and she hasn't gotten great sleep, you can immediately show her love and support.

The parenting rooms I moderate every Sunday evening are usually centered around my family. I recently hosted a room on the importance of teaching our children consent. I gathered other moms who I know value teaching their kids consent, and we spoke with other parents who were interested in sharing their opinions on this important topic. This was an amazing discussion, and each of us left a better parent than when we came in. Each of us left with a larger community.

If I don't have time to use the app actively by engaging in conversation on the stage, I treat it like a podcast. In fact, since getting on this app, I haven't listened to a single one of my favorite podcasts.

Clubhouse is vastly different from the social media apps I mindlessly scroll through during the day. It is a come-as-you-are space. No makeup? Come. Spit up on your shoulder? You are welcome here. Kids screaming in the background? Don't apologize for them on this app. On Clubhouse, you get to show up as your authentic self and be in community with people.

Be Sure to Set Boundaries

My biggest advice for new people who come to Clubhouse is to feel free to leave rooms without judgment if the energy feels toxic, or even just a little off. Or even if you just don't feel like giving the energy to stay in the room or don't want to listen anymore. As parents, we have to protect our energy, so I am careful what rooms I spend time in.

Whether I am in an early morning room for affirmations, an afternoon mommy room, or just having fun in a late-night game of Would You Rather, I give myself permission to trust my gut and come and go as I please. This boundary has allowed me to have the most amazing time on the app.

Be Open to New Connections

Clubhouse has really changed my life since the day I joined. It has given me the chance to build so many friendships, connected me with some amazing moms, and given me the adult interaction I craved. This app has taught me the power of voice in connecting people. It has made me feel seen, and heard, and not alone in a time I needed it most.

It has been a year of isolation for this extrovert, and I have finally found a space where I feel connected at home, and plugged-in in the best possible way. So, please join me on Clubhouse. Any stage I'm on is a safe space for you. I can't wait to see you there and be in community with you. Find me in my parenting club, Authentic Parenting, or just follow me around Clubhouse (@scottystyle) into the different rooms I visit. See you around the club!

Sarah Scott is the mommy blogger behind @scottystyle on Instagram and She is passionate about authentic parenting, and strives to help parents find the magic amidst the mess of parenting.

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