Jump-start (or reinvigorate!) your fitness journey by signing up for one of these streaming services—whatever your fitness goal.

Workout Apps Woman On Yoga Mat Weight Lifting
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Make Exercise A Habit

Why It’s Great: In addition to more than 100 enticing classes, it offers optional preset workout schedules that come with daily reminder e-mails to keep you accountable and encourage you to eat healthy. Don’t miss the Busy Mom’s 4 Week Workout Plan ($5), which features four classes per week, ranging from Barre to High Intensity Interval Training to Pilates. Prefer to create your own plan? Sort the videos based on your energy level, the equipment required, even how noisy they are.

Price: $10 for one month, $27 for three months, or $100 for a year of basic service.

Have Fun!

Why It’s Great: Zany, high energy, and surprising—that’s how to describe Crunch Gym’s streaming service. A few highlights: a fast-paced cardio dance class called Lyrical Hip Hop, a sweat-inducing Broadway Dance workout featuring music from Dreamgirls and Chicago, and a challenging series starring the Brooklynettes dance team. There’s even a Stiletto Strength class to help you master the art of wearing heels. Short on time? Crunch offers 15-minute quickie videos.

Price: $10 per month, $90 for a year.

Workout Apps 30 Day Toned Arms Challenge
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Pocket Trainers to Target Trouble Zones

Arms: 30 Day Toned Arms Challenge

You’ll get a few quick, simple exercises (such as arm circles and power punches) every day; the daily workouts become increasingly strenuous as you progress. Free for iOS and Android (available as “30 Day Fit Challenge Workout” for Android); $2 for ad-free version.

Workout Apps Runtastic Six Pack Ab
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Abs: Runtastic Six Pack Ab Workout

Choose a plan in Runtastic (level 1 takes ten days; level 3 lasts for 25) and come back daily for a new routine designed to flatten your tummy. Free with $5 in-app purchase for iOS and Android.

Workout Apps Butt Sworkit
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Butt: Butt Sworkit

Use Sworkit and rotate between three fun tush tightening video workouts. You set the length of time, from five minutes to an hour. Free for iOS; $3/month for premium version.

Tighten Up All Over

Try: FitFusion

Why It’s Great: With a library of more than 325 videos and an emphasis on intensity, this service may be your ticket to toned. Try Jillian Michaels Hot Body Healthy Mommy series—a trio of 30-minute high-impact workouts intended to reshape your upper body, lower body, and core. You can also sort videos by the body part they target. If you have access to a stationary bike, FitFusion’s cycling videos can transport you to beautiful locales, including the Irish countryside, South Africa, and the Ozarks.

Price:$10 per month.

pregnant woman meditating at home
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Find Your Zen

Try: YogaGlo

Why It’s Great: All the classes are filmed in a soothing, minimalist yoga studio; the selection includes a series designed to improve mental focus and an assortment of short meditations. Each time you log in, the service asks whether you’re feeling calm or energized and how vigorous a class you’d like. You can also filter the classes (there are more than 3,500!) based on your current priority—whether that’s improving digestion or including your kids in your practice.

​Price: $18 per month.

Stay In Shape While You’re Pregnant

Why It’s Great: This site features more than 75 routines designed for expectant and postpartum mothers, all led by Lindsay Brin, a pre and postnatal fitness specialist. Choose an exercise schedule to follow (basic or advanced), or pick workouts as you see fit. Sort by pregnancy trimester, type of workout (upper body, core, or cardio), and time required.

​Price: $13 per month.

Lose the Baby Weight

Why It’s Great: It’s hard to drop pounds without cheerleaders in your corner—and the supportive users in this site’s online forum can be just that. Daily Burn streams a live 30-minute workout to its home screen every day at 9 a.m. EST. You can do it as it airs, watch the recording for the next 24 hours, or access the site’s archived workouts (everything from cardio to yoga to strength training) anytime.

​Price: $15 per month.

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