Babies Discuss How Awesome Parents Magazine Is on the iPad

Watch as babies teach how fun and easy it is to read Parents magazine's new iPad edition.


-What's you doing? -Looking at the new Parents Magazine app. My mom just got it. I love this app. -I'm telling you, you just swipe it this way. Yeah. With this. Use one finger to turn to the next page, two fingers to turn to the next article. -Wow. It has all my favorite columns plus video, extra recipes, and more fun photos. -You can even share favorite stories with your friends. You just swipe it with your finger like this. -Watch the drool. -There's a page view around the bottom of the screen so you can find your way to all your favorite stuff easily. -You have to see the age guide so you can see stories about your age group. -The Parents app, read it, relax with it, but please don't use it as a teething device.

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