Must-Have Apps and More for Mom

Find the best apps, must-read blogs, and latest technology that make parenting easier--and more fun. Whether you're preparing for motherhood or trying to get organized, here's what you'll need.

10 Best Apps for Paranoid Parents

Are you a hover mom who needs to know where your child is at all times? We've found the apps (including ones with GPS tracking) that will give any parent more peace of mind.

Best Workout Apps and Streaming Services for Busy Moms

Jump-start (or reinvigorate!) your fitness journey by signing up for one of these streaming services--whatever your fitness goal.

Parents Best of the Web Awards

We clicked, liked, and followed our way through more than 500 expert-driven nominations to unravel the gems that will make your life easier and more fun. How did anyone raise a kid in the predigital age?

20 Free Back-to-School Apps for Parents

Turn your smartphone or tablet into command central with everything you need to plan, prep, and navigate your kid's year. The best part? These great apps for Apple and Android devices are all free!

Digital Devices and Children

Children are currently spending more time with technology than they do in school or with their family.

5 Moms to Follow on Snapchat

You may know nothing about Snapchat (or think it's just for selfie-crazy teens) but it's the greatest social platform out there--yes, even for parents.

9 Great Travel Apps

Want an easy way to keep track of details, choose activities, or share photos on your next family trip? All that and more is just an app away with these cool tools, which turn your smartphone into the ultimate travel agent.

Social Media... According to Kids

Your kid might not have her own Instagram account, but she definitely knows what it is! Find out what kids really know when it comes to your favorite social media platforms.

Do Half of All First Graders Really Have Cell Phones?

A new survey of parents says more than 50 percent of six-year-olds have their own cell phones, but is that really true? And if so, why do they need them?

3 Podcasts You Shouldn't Miss Out On

Looking for parenting-peer advice, insight, and some LOLs? We have the definitive list of free audio inspiration you can listen to like a bedtime story, from the comfort of your smartphone.

How to Listen to Podcasts Like a Pro

If you're not tuning in to the slew of parenting podcasts out there (including our own Pregnancy Confidential) you could be missing the latest advice on bringing up your kids. Not sure how to become a podcast pro? These basics will get you listening in!

Setting Limits on Technology

When we give our child technology to calm them down, we are weakening the extent to which our children will turn to us. Here's how you can set limits on your use of technology with your child.

Violent Video Games, TV, and Movies

Vice President Joe Biden calls for the legal barriers to be lifted so that more research can be done on the effects of video games, TV, and movies in spurring gun violence.

12 Creative Uses for Pinterest

Pinterest offers imaginative and colorful daily inspiration (or pinspiration) to moms, but there's more to do on the photo-sharing site than just pinning favorite snack and craft ideas. We found 12 moms, active pinners and bloggers, with ingenious ideas to help you organize finances, plan vacations, and more.

How Tech Impacts Your Child's Creativity

Dr. Adair gives advice on the best way to develop a child's creativity in a world full of technology.

Controlling Your Child's Digital Interactions

Dr. Michael Thompson explores what it means to raise your child in a digital world.

Parents Best Blog Awards 2011

After scouring the web, Parents is proud to announce this year's best blog winners!

Must-Knows On Tech and Child Development: Take Fewer Photos!

Parents are constantly taking photos on their phone of their kids. Dr. Adair explains how a parent can find the balance between using technology around their kids and when it's time to put it away.

Are All the Cool Moms Now on Snapchat?

More moms are now turning to Snapchat as their app of choice for sharing baby photos.

The Best Apps for Moms of 2011

We asked the best experts around -- our readers -- to share the apps that make life as a mom easier and more fun!

3 Must-Have Holiday Apps for Tracking Santa

Don't do Christmas this year without these North Pole-approved apps.