Parent or parent-to-be? You still deserve a little romance!

As a busy parent or parent-to-be, it's difficult to make time for romance. With a little effort and creativity you can renew the excitement and attraction that brought you and your partner together. Try these tips to inject more love and romance into your day:

  • Take a long, leisurely bath together. Enjoy a glass of champagne or juice with sparkling water, and drop a cherry in it.
  • Give each other a slow, soothing shoulder massage. Try using oils scented with a sensual aroma like jasmine, rose, or musk.
  • Play exotic or soft music. Dance slowly by candlelight.
  • Rent a romantic video and snuggle under a soft blanket. You can even try watching it "au naturel."
  • Feed each other. Try chocolates and fresh fruits.
  • Tell your partner what first attracted you to him. Then talk about what you love the most now.
  • Look through photos taken when you first met. Remember how you felt when you started falling in love.
  • Relive your first date. Return to the scene or re-create it as closely as possible.
  • Sit together in the moonlight and just hold hands. Let nature take its course.

Getting a babysitter is optional. Just wait until the kids are asleep and stay up a little later to give each other some undivided attention.

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