Adorable 'Cosplay Parents' Dress Up Like All Your Favorite Disney & Marvel Characters

Steven and Millie Tani are devoting their retirement to dressing up as everyone from Captain America characters to Bert and Mary Poppins.

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Steven and Millie Tani, aka the "Cosplay Parents," may very well be the cutest retired couple-turned-Instagram stars. Both in their early 60s, the San Gabriel Valley-based couple has been cosplaying as popular Disney and Marvel couples for the past three years. They first went viral for a photo of them dressed as Captain America couple Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter.

“Germany wants to write about us,” Steven told NBC in a feature that ran last December. “Brazil and Japan want to write about us. It’s crazy. We’re normal people like everyone else. We’re just having fun.”

They explained that they first learned about cosplay through their daughter, Ann, who would cosplay as her favorite anime and manga characters in high school. They were very active in supporting Ann's interest (Steven helped her with costumes, and they took turns dropping her off at Anime Expo), and soon enough, they themselves wanted to get participate in the world of cosplay. In 2014, the couple attended Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland dressed as Carl and Ellie from Pixar's Up, and their career in cosplay was born.

“Those characters made the most sense for us, because I already had the grey hair and eyebrows,” Steven explained, while Millie chimed in, "And the grumpy face." Too cute.

Millie shared that they know there are a many other things they could be spending their time on as empty-nesters, but cosplay simply stole their hearts. "There’s so many things we could be doing with our retirement, things we could be doing around the house," she noted. "But life is too short to not do what you want to do. If you meet your soulmate or someone with your same interests, you have to go for it."

Surely, their thousands of social media followers are thrilled the Tanis have gone for it, as well!

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