There's no doubt that adding a tiny human to your family changes your relationship with your partner. We asked Parents staffers and Facebook fans to get honest about how love and marriage changed for them after having kids.

“I think that your relationship with your spouse changes after you have kids because, for one thing, there’s just a lot more to argue about. [But] there’s nothing like it. You’re raising a child or children together, it’s a magical time. You’re watching a being grow up and becoming a fully formed child and then an adult someday and that’s pretty awesome as a couple."” — Jenna Helwig, Food Editor, Parents

"Seeing my husband become a selfless puddle of mushy daddy love was and is the most amazing thing to watch. It also helps us learn how to work as a team together." — Yvonne Saint-Villiers

“I would say that my relationship with my spouse changed less than I would have anticipated. We both have this little person that we love so much and it’s bound us more closely together.” — Laura Fenton, Lifestyle Director, Parents

“We used to eat out all the time, we used to relax, we used to go on exotic vacations. Now we are home a lot.” — Julia Edlestein, Senior Health Editor, Parents

"Having our two sons looking up to us has made us worry less about frivolous things and focus on the future. We've become better people because we want them to be proud that we are their parents." — Katey Stout 

"Every time we have an argument now, I can’t fester. I have to get on with things. We just make up and keep it moving." — Grace Bastidas, Editor in Chief, Ser Padres and Parents Latina

"He’s just such a good guy and it really comes through when he’s with our kids. He’s funny and he’s patient and he’s playful and all of his best qualities come out when he’s with our kids and it’s really really sweet." — Ayn-Monique Klahre, Deputy Director, FamilyFun

"Having children has changed our relationship in so many ways. It keeps things in perspective—our marriage and how we treat each other are the examples we are setting for their future relationships—so we always need to make sure we are doing the right thing, or acknowledging and fixing our downfalls...There's also usually a kid glued to one of us, so we've gotten really great at spelling our conversations and speaking in code!" — Ettienne L Iveson

"When you have kids, you see your partner in a new light. For me, that light was really positive for the most part because my husband is an amazing dad." — Erika Janes, Executive Editor,

"Having two deaf daughters has made us have to be on, or get on, the same page very quickly, especially with their education. I love him more for the advocate he is for our girls." — Regina Ringer 

"To me my husband is sexier now than he was before our sons. He is an amazing dad and the love I have for him came full circle the first time I saw him interact with our first son." — Heather Logan Randall