Sex After Baby: Will Sex Feel the Same?

There are several factors that could determine how sex feels after Baby. Learn more about these and the best way to get things back to normal in the bedroom.


[MUSIC] Most women believe that sex after baby is not going to feel the same as sex before baby, and definitely as you're giving birth, the head of the baby will stretch the vaginal canal, the vaginal opening, and the pelvic floor muscles. That's why it's so important to do pelvic floor exercises to regain that tone and strength. And most people find that they don't really feel a significant difference after that. But there are other factors that also affect how sex feels after giving birth. It could be painful, at least for a little while. When a woman gives birth vaginally, there could be lacerations or even micro-lacerations or she may have received an episiotomy. This is why doctors recommend that you wait between four to six weeks for proper healing. Now, some women think that if they a C-section, they can avoid some of this difficulty that they have with sex after baby. But a c-section can definitely impact your sex life as well. First, you have to recover from a major surgical operation. And abdominal incision. And next, some people find that when they have a c-section, because it does cut through the wall of the uterus. They don't get that strong uterine contraction that they used to have with orgasms. Now what is interesting is that many women report that their sex life actually gets better after they deliver vaginally, and that is because delivering a baby through the vaginal canal can stimulate nerve endings there and you actually learn to respond to them, which may prime you for being multiorgasmic and having more vaginal orgasms later on in your sex life. [MUSIC]

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