From marriage proposals to "for no reason at all," readers melt the ice off February with their most sizzling stories of romance!

October 05, 2005

With Valentine's Day perfectly situated in the middle, February has long been a month of romance. Special treats like chocolates, champagne and strawberries, candlelight dinners and warm nights by the fireplace can make the otherwise gloomy winter days seem oh-so-sweet.

So we asked you -- our readers -- to share your sizzling stories of romance! Here are some of your love tales, guaranteed to help warm up the cold February nights:

  • The morning of our wedding, my husband had roses delivered to my hotel room at 7am to wake me up with a card stating, "I can't wait to be joined with you for eternity!" He then had a cappuccino and more roses dropped off at my hair appointment with another card saying, "You are already gorgeous to me, but I can't wait to see you today!" Then, at my make-up appointment he had roses delivered with a card that said, "So soon we will be together. I miss you baby, Your Loving Fiance." I blushed at every place I went into because I realized he had wired the city with roses for me! I had 26 in all, which was our wedding date -- Oct. 26. It was the most romantic and endearing day full of events!
    -- Sarah
  • One evening I came home from work and my husband had dinner already on the table and the kids had been redirected to my mom's house. After dinner we headed to our bedroom and there was absolutely no furniture in our room! He had moved all of our furniture into a storage room and dimly lit our bedroom with candles around the edges of the room. There were rose petals sprinkled on the floor and there was a warm white blanket in the middle of the floor. He laid me down on the blanket and gave me the most wonderful massage from head to toe! When it was done he blew out the candles and we fell asleep in each other's arms. He really is the sweetest man alive!
    -- Aliyah, Toronto, Canada
  • One of the most romantic things that my husband ever did for me was on a random summer day. I received a dozen red roses at the front door and the card said "for no reason at all." It still brings a smile to my face today when I think about it. I am very lucky to be married to such a wonderful guy.
    -- Mary, Endicott, NY
  • My husband has done many romantic things and said many sweet things over the years that we have been together BUT nothing compares to what he said just a few nights ago. We were laying down ready to go to bed. We had given each other our goodnight kisses and said our "I Love You's," when he said, "thank you for having our child. I feel so LUCKY to be bringing a child in this world with you." Since I have been pregnant he always tells me how beautiful I look and always says how he hopes our first son is as beautiful as I am. I don't think there is anything sweeter than hearing something like that during your pregnancy. As a woman we go through so many changes during pregnancy and I just felt so BEAUTIFUL at that moment and a tear ran down my cheek.
    -- Eileen, Brooklyn, New York
  • One evening after a long day at work, my husband Mike and I were finishing our dinner of take-out Chinese food (sorry, no fancy restaurant in this story!). Mike cracked open his fortune cookie, read it over, got up, and kissed me on the forehead. He said "Hello Happiness," and began clearing the table. Puzzled, I reached for his fortune to read it. It said "Stop searching, happiness is just next to you." That was 6 years ago, and that fortune is still taped to my phone at work. Every time I use the phone, I'm reminded of what a neat guy I'm married to!
    -- Marie, Isle of Palms, SC
  • My most romantic moment was when my fiance and I had just started dating. It was Valentine's Day and I had to work at both of my jobs. I worked as a customer service rep for a call center for 8 hours, and then went straight to a pizza place, where I worked as a waitress for another 6 hours. By the time 11pm came around, I was beat. Thinking the day was shot, I got home and found a beautiful candlelit meal and wine for me. Since we did not have a table at the time, he put down a blanket on the floor and set it up like a romantic little picnic. It was particularly special because in less than a month he was going to be leaving for the Marines. So we cherished every moment of it. To this day it always makes me smile ... a moment that I will never forget!
    -- Sarah, Jacksonville, FL
  • My most romantic moment was when I got engaged. My fiance took me out to dinner, and when we ordered dessert, the waitress came over to me and said, your date ordered you a special dish. When I took the cover off, there were rose petals all over the plate and in the middle was a small black box. My fiance said, "you know how happy you make me," and I said, "I hope so." I then opened the box and saw the ring, which I thought was beautiful. Then it hit me -- it's an engagement ring! My husband went down on one knee and asked me to marry him as everyone in the restaurant was watching. So of course I said, "YES." The manager brought us a bottle of champagne. As we walked outside to head home on the bus, I was admiring my new ring on my finger when my fiance said, "our ride is here." As I looked up there was a limousine waiting to drive us home. I was so excited since I'd never been in a limo before! He had rented the limo for 3 hours so we drove around New York City for a while before heading home, drinking champagne and calling our family and friends to tell them the news.
    -- Susan, New Jersey
  • For our first anniversary, my husband Robert took me to the Big Bear Mountains in our Ford Ranger 4x4. He found a beautiful yet secluded spot where we roasted hot dogs and munched on s'mores. Then we snuggled up in our sleeping bags in the back of the truck and fell asleep star-gazing. As rustic as it was, it was the most romantic night I had ever had. We enjoyed ourselves so much that eight years -- and two children -- later, we still make the annual anniversary camping trip.
    -- Heather, Lucerne Valley, California
  • I was having a very stressful day with the kids. You know, one of those days that seem to never end. When I returned home with our children, my husband had the house clean and things ready for the kids to go to bed. I only had to take a bath and relax. Those are the things that make me fall in love with him more.
    -- Katie, Colfax, Iowa
  • While we were dating, my husband decided to move out of his apartment and back in with his parents to save for a ring. On the last night in his apartment I came over for a pizza dinner. As I walked in the house to head up to the apartment there were candles on each step. As I opened his apartment door there were more candles leading to his room, where there were candles and rose pedals all over which outlined the bed. His bed was set for a picnic with placemats, and flowers. Four years and two kids later, I always try and think of that whenever I get upset with him!
    -- Liz and Mike
  • One of our favorite romantic memories involves a marker, 100 construction paper hearts and some tape. When my husband Karl and I were engaged and planning our wedding, I wanted to do something inexpensive, yet spectacular to let him know how much I loved him and appreciated him. While he was out of town overnight on business, I wrote down 100 reasons why I loved him, putting one on each paper heart. They included romantic things like, "I love the way you kiss," and some everyday things like, "you taught me to make sauce from scratch" and "you laugh when I try to tell a joke." I began at the front door of our apartment, and plastered every room with these hearts. When he arrived home the next day, he was floored! He actually walked slowly around each room and made sure to read each and every one of them! This year we are preparing to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Every once in a while we take out some of those silly paper hearts and re-read what was written way back then! Not only are the sentiments sweet, but the fact that we are so blessed now with two beautiful sons, a wonderful house and a great marriage makes those simple heart sentiments even sweeter!
    -- Heidi & Karl, East Aurora, NY
  • I moved to Colorado a year before my husband and I got engaged. We had dated for a year and a half and during that time we lived apart. He was attending college full-time and working part-time while I was working full-time. We didn't see each other a lot, so I would leave love notes in his school notebooks, in his apartment, and in his car. The notes were simple, saying "I love you!" or "Jaime loves Wayne." When he proposed to me, we went to a park that has a beautiful view of the city and took a familiar trail to a resting place and had lunch. After having lunch, he dug into his coat and pulled out some Hershey's kisses. The little papers that always say "Hershey's Kisses" were taken out and replaced with his own little papers. He pulled them out in order, and the notes said much of the same things that my little notes had always said. The first one said, "I love you." The second one said, "Wayne loves Jaime." By this time I was starting to get a little suspicious. The last one read "Jaime, will you ...." and he got on one knee, had a beautiful ring box open for me and said "marry me?" I started crying and eventually said "yes" loud enough for the entire city to hear me. 
    -- Jaime, Colorado Spring

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