I haven't had a period yet and my baby is 8 months old.


I have an 8-month-old son who was breastfed for seven and a half months. I have not had a period since before I was pregnant. I have been on a mini-pill, and now that I am done breastfeeding, I have switched to a full hormone birth control pill. Is it normal to not have your period for more than 18 months? When can I expect it?


Not having a period for an extended period of time is normal for a woman who has a term pregnancy and has subsequently nursed for the length of time you mentioned. You possibly will get your period when you finish the pack of pills that you started. However, if you do not, do not be concerned. Just continue to take your pills as scheduled. Most women will begin their period within two to three months after cessation of breastfeeding. Keep in mind that there is a slight risk of bone loss during this time, so it is important to take a vitamin with calcium.

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