Postpartum Birth Control

You haven't had to think about birth control for a long time. Now that you've had your baby, here's how to keep from getting pregnant again until you're ready.

Sex After Baby: How Long Should I Wait to Have Sex?

Most doctors recommend waiting 4 to 6 weeks after birth to start having sex again, but should you hold off longer? Here's what you need to know about when to get it on after having Baby.

Sex After Baby: Your Sex Drive After Baby

If your sex drive is feeling out of whack after giving birth to Baby, don't worry -- it's normal! We'll tell you how to get your groove back ASAP.

Birth Control Side Effects: What You Need to Know About Contraceptives

Whether you're considering the birth control shot, birth control pills, or other birth control methods, contraceptives don't just prevent pregnancy. The hormones in birth control can also be responsible for clearing up acne or weight gain. Learn the surprising positive and negative side effects of the Pill.

Breastfeeding-Friendly Birth Control

You have a new baby (or maybe a toddler) and you're not ready for another one -- not just yet! So you're looking for a birth control method to become your BFF again. But when it comes to breastfeeding, what birth control is the safest?

8 Facts About Postpartum Birth Control

What you should know before choosing a birth control method.

What Dads (and Moms!) Need to Know About Vasectomies

Done having kids? Thinking about permanent birth control? Here's what you should know about vasectomies.

Thyroid Hormone Replacement Drugs and Birth Control Pills: A Safe Combo?

Thyroid, estrogen, progesterone... that's a whole lot of hormones to balance. We ask the experts how the Pill might be affecting your thyroid hormone replacement.

Sex After Baby: Surprising Things No One Told You About Sex After Baby

Having sex after Baby can be a very different experience. Here's the lowdown on what to expect in the bedroom and how to adapt.

Birth Control After Baby

The best new-mom birth control picks -- whether you're between pregnancies or done having children!

9 Common Birth Control Options

When it comes to birth control, there's good news: You've got lots of options! From the birth control patch to the pill, find out which contraception method is best for you.

7 Reasons for a Late Period That Don't Mean You're Pregnant

A menstrual cycle that's off schedule doesn't always mean you're pregnant. Here are other factors that could be causing your late period.

Withdrawal as Birth Control

Why the withdrawal method is not a good way to avoid getting pregnant.

Sex After Baby: Will Sex Feel the Same?

There are several factors that could determine how sex feels after Baby. Learn more about these and the best way to get things back to normal in the bedroom.

Q+A: Should We Consider Sterilization for Birth Control?

Which sterilization method is best: Having my tubes tied or my husband getting a vasectomy?

Birth Control & Breastfeeding

Have you heard that breastfeeding is a great form of birth control? If so, you've heard half the story. Here's what every nursing mom needs to know about birth control after Baby.

Sex After Baby: Tips for an Active Sex Life

Feeling like you've hit a dry spell? Learn how to heat up your sex life after Baby. We've rounded up six tips that are sure to spice things up in the bedroom.

A Mom's Guide to Birth Control

Sticking with your same old contraceptive seems like the easiest solution, but many moms find that their previous pick no longer meshes with their lifestyle. For example, if you were a pill devotee pre-kids, will you remember to take it now that your schedule is much busier? There are health concerns to consider as well, since breastfeeding and certain medical conditions make some methods off-limits. We studied the (many) options to help you find your best birth control.

Natural Family Planning: Your Need-to-Know Guide

Some women are forgoing synthetic birth control methods in favor of a more hands-on approach -- and they're using their smartphones to do it.

Contraception Confusion: What's Right for You?

If you just had a baby, you may be rethinking your birth control. Find out what the options are.

Is Natural Family Planning Right For You?

An all-natural form of birth control.

Postpartum Birth Control: Birth Control & Breastfeeding

Dr. Elizabeth Pryor answers the question, Can I take birth control pills postpartum if I plan to breastfeed my baby?

Postpartum Contraception

Think through your post-baby birth control plan now--you won't have time to worry about this in a few weeks.

Delayed Menstruation

I haven't had a period yet and my baby is 8 months old.