July 02, 2015

Q: Every year my husband runs around the day before Mother’s Day in a panic about what to get me and then usually ends up giving me something generic and thoughtless. How do I get him to step up his game this year?

A: It would be wonderful if all men delivered something marvelous on Mother’s Day, whether it’s blingy and bright or tenderly handpicked from the garden, to the women who are feeding, changing, and bathing their children. But most husbands need someone’s help to do that, and that’s where we come in. MY advice? Give your husband a few very specific ideas well in advance of the big day: “I'’d like a gift card to this day spa,” or “I would love this gardening bag,” and circle it in the catalog. Of course, if the “gift” you'd most treasure would be a day where you get to choose the dream agenda, think about how you’d most like to spend the day. Then have that hubby of yours arrange it!

Answered by Rosie Pope


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