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When kids get a little older, they'll love to dream about picking a pet to add to the family. Here's our advice for choosing a pet to complement your busy household, including dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, rodents, reptiles, and more.

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8 Fun Games Kids Can Play with Their Pets
These family-friendly and boredom-busting games to play with dogs and cats will give everyone a chance to get their ya-yas out, cooped-up kids included.
Chris Evans Sending Real Captain America Shield to Young Boy Who Saved Sister From Dog Attack
Mark Ruffalo joined Chris Evans in celebrating 6-year-old Bridger for his bravery.
I'm a Mom and a Veterinarian: Here's How I Make Sure My Kids Are Ready for a Pet
As a vet, there's no greater joy than seeing kids with their pets. But with that comes a lot of responsibility. Here's how to see if your kid is up for the challenge.
Why It Was Important to Tell My Kids the Truth About Their Pet Dying
It was difficult and extremely painful, but we told the truth—our pet didn’t run away, he died.

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After one of the dogs bit off a Utah 4-year-old's hand, the animals were taken by Davis County Animal County Control and have been quarantined.
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The study found, out of the children surveyed, those with five or more pets have no reported allergies.

Having Pets Won't Make Your Kids Healthier—But There Are Still Benefits

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