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When kids get a little older, they'll love to dream about picking a pet to add to the family. Here's our advice for choosing a pet to complement your busy household, including dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, rodents, reptiles, and more.

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I'm a Mom and a Veterinarian: Here's How I Make Sure My Kids Are Ready for a Pet

As a vet, there's no greater joy than seeing kids with their pets. But with that comes a lot of responsibility. Here's how to see if your kid is up for the challenge.
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6 Best Small Pets to Consider for Your Child

Don't have space for a big pet? Don't worry. There are still plenty of friendly palm-sized options your child will love.
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Dad Shares Video of 4-Year-Old and 12-Foot Pet Python and the Internet Reels

People are freaking out about this video of a little girl and her pet python, but what do experts say about keeping these reptiles as family pets?
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These Children’s Hospital Therapy Dogs Are Everything We Need In The World Right Now

Meet furry friends who cheer up kids at Parents' Top Children’s Hospitals for Innovation. Some dogs even have their own employee badge!