Pets & Babies

How can you prepare your pet for baby's arrival? Our tips help you introduce your pet and keep your baby safe from your dog or cat. Plus: Best-bet breeds to consider if you're thinking of getting a new pet.

Watch: Dog's Adorable and Hilarious Attempts to Steal Attention Away From New Baby

This video captures the moment a dog realizes he's not the baby of the family anymore, and his attempts to steal the attention away from his newborn sibling.

Preparing Your Dog for Baby

Your four-legged sidekick has probably figured out that something's up. Follow our countdown to D-day and the transition will come with fewer barks (oops, we mean bumps) in the road.

Pet Peeves: Jealous of the Baby

Your dog or cat is probably going to be jealous of the new baby. Here's how to create a peaceable kingdom.

Quiz: Are You Ready For a Dog?

Adding a dog to your family is a huge commitment. Take our quiz to find out if you're ready.

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How a Baby Changes Your Pet's Life: Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect from your pet after baby arrives.

8 Basic Guidelines on Pet Safety

Are you sure it's safe for your pet to be around your baby?

Building a Relationship Between Pet and Baby

Your pet will be baby's best friend with these tactics.

8 Ways Your Fur Baby Is Different From Your Real Baby

They're both cuddly little bundles of joy but your fur baby is content chasing a tennis ball day after day while your real baby is learning too fast to stay happy with any one toy for long!

The Dos and Don'ts of Getting a Family Dog

Finding the perfect pet for your family is a big job. We're here to help you do it right.

Introducing Pet to Baby

We've sniffed out the best tips to help your dog or cat get used to the newest member of your family.

Pets & Kids: Cutest Kids and Pets Amateur Photo Contest Winners

Meet the winners of the and Petco "Cutest Kids and Pets Amateur Photo Contest". We searched through thousands of entries and selected five pictures. The photos are not in order of cuteness -- that's up to you to decide.

10 Things Babies and Puppies Have in Common

If you're thinking about adding a furry friend to your family--or your child is begging for one--you may end up having deja vu.

Holiday Who Wore it Best: Dog vs. Human

Dogs in Christmas costumes take on humans in Christmas costumes for the title of best dressed! Will cute pug or adorable baby prevail? From canine reindeer ears to ugly Christmas sweaters, this festive showdown will get you in the holiday spirit! #CuteOverload

Introducing Baby to the Family Pet

When your pet meets your infant, it might not be love at first sniff.

Beware of the Dog

Does your child know how to behave around a pet?

"Mommy, I Want a Puppy"

Is your child begging for a pet? Here's how to find the perfect companion, whether it's a goldfish or a golden retriever.

Keeping Babies Safe Around Pets

Your child and your pet will stay out of harm's way with these vet-tested safety tips.

Preparing Your Pet for Baby's Arrival

How to get your pet ready for the new arrival.

When Baby Teases the Family Dog

Should you be concerned when your child decides to tackle Rover?

You Have to See These Photos of a Baby Spooning With His Rescue Pup

We're big fans of this mama's Instagram feed starring her baby boy and his rescue dog, who love to nap together.

Baby and Beagle Have Best Meet-Cute Ever

Need a dose of cuteness? Then this baby-meeting-a-beagle video is for you.

Having Pets Won't Make Your Kids Healthier--But There Are Still Benefits

Pets may not necessarily improve our physical or mental health, but what's wrong with spending time with someone cute and cuddly?