A pet has a special place in your family. Here's how to introduce your dog or cat to a new baby. Plus: Popular pet names to consider for your next pet.

The Benefits of Pets

5 surprising ways pets are good for kids--and families too!

Watch: Dog's Adorable and Hilarious Attempts to Steal Attention Away From New Baby

This video captures the moment a dog realizes he's not the baby of the family anymore, and his attempts to steal the attention away from his newborn sibling.

6 Best Small Pets to Consider for Your Child

Don't have space for a big pet? Don't worry. There are still plenty of friendly palm-sized options your child will love.

The Best Pet for Your Child

Can't decide whether your family should get a dog or a cat? Bird or hamster? Use our cheat sheet to help pick the perfect pet for your family.

Preparing Your Dog for Baby

Your four-legged sidekick has probably figured out that something's up. Follow our countdown to D-day and the transition will come with fewer barks (oops, we mean bumps) in the road.

Pet Peeves: Jealous of the Baby

Your dog or cat is probably going to be jealous of the new baby. Here's how to create a peaceable kingdom.

Quiz: Are You Ready For a Dog?

Adding a dog to your family is a huge commitment. Take our quiz to find out if you're ready.

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Aww! Study Shows Toddlers and Puppies Are Surprisingly Similar

Parents and dog-lovers may not be shocked to find out how alike two of the most lovable beings on Earth really are.

8 Ways Your Fur Baby Is Different From Your Real Baby

They're both cuddly little bundles of joy but your fur baby is content chasing a tennis ball day after day while your real baby is learning too fast to stay happy with any one toy for long!

Celebs and the Dogs They Love

These stars love to hang with their canine "babies."

Manners & Responsibility: Raising Responsible Pet Owners

Are your kids begging for a pet? Watch this before bringing Fido or Fluffy home, so you can help your children understand how to care for an animal.

Quiz: What Kind of Pet Is Right for Your Family?

Are you thinking about adding a pet to your family? Take our quiz and find out which type of pet might be best!

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How a Baby Changes Your Pet's Life: Frequently Asked Questions

What to expect from your pet after baby arrives.

5 Tips to Teach Kids to Play Safely with Dogs

Dogs are kid's best friend! But to get these BFFs together, children need to learn safe get-to-know-Fido rules.

Finding the Best Pets for Kids With Allergies

Even if your child is sensitive to fur and dander, it's still possible to choose a pet that will keep her sneeze-free and happy.

Which Dog Breed Is Right for Your Family?

An expert breaks down several kid-friendly dog breeds and explains how to choose the right one for your family.

Picking the Perfect Pet

Dog or cat? Hamster or guinea pig? Experts help you figure out which animal is right for your young family.

15 Reasons to Adopt a Pet

If you're thinking of getting a new dog or cat, here's why you should visit your local animal shelter first.

Blueberry Muffin in a Mug

See how to make this wholesome blueberry muffin in a mug. A few minutes in the microwave, and breakfast is served!

You Have to See the Sweet Bond Between This Boy With Autism and His Deaf Dog

Six-year-old Connor, who is non-verbal, and Ellie the boxer, who is deaf and responds to sign language, are a match made in heaven.

Pets & Kids: Cutest Kids and Pets Amateur Photo Contest Winners

Meet the winners of the and Petco "Cutest Kids and Pets Amateur Photo Contest". We searched through thousands of entries and selected five pictures. The photos are not in order of cuteness -- that's up to you to decide.

12 Pets Who Love Their Human Mama's Baby Bump

Dogs and cats make everything that much cuter--Check out these reader-submitted images of "fur-babies" showing their mama's pregnant bellies plenty of lovin'!

Virgin Pina Coladas

See how to make these refreshing virgin pina coladas. All you'll need is pineapple juice, coconut milk beverage, frozen pineapple chunks, & lime juice. Cheers!

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