Do you understand the tax system? Not many of us truly do. Find out the basics of withholdings, how your taxes are assesed, and learn how to hire a pro who can help you stay ahead of your taxes.

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4 Apps to Track Clothing and Household Donations for Tax Write-Offs
All the household items and unwanted clothing you donate to charity throughout the year can add up—and be used as a tax write-off. But keeping track of what you've given can be challenging.
How to Opt Out of the Child Tax Credit—And Why You Might Want To
The extra $300 a month from child tax credit payments is nice—but here's why you should consider opting out before August 2, according to experts.
Stimulus Payment Access Has a Racial Gap —Here's How to Advocate for Your Family and Others
11 percent fewer Black families received their 2021 government stimulus checks than white folks. Meanwhile, 50 percent of Blacks (and only 22 percent of whites) say they are counting on that money to survive.
For Single Parents, the Stimulus Payment May Cause Confusion—Here's What You Need to Know
In many shared custody arrangements, co-parents agree to claim children as dependents in alternating tax years. Stimulus payments have thrown a wrench into this practice. Here's what experts say single parents should pay attention to.
How to Do Your Taxes if You Share Custody of Your Kids
The IRS doesn't make much simple when it comes to doing taxes. But for divorced or legally separated parents, our guide will help cut the confusion around how to decide who can claim the kids as dependents.
4 Tax Credits That Can Save Parents Big Money
Your kids might get you a little extra pocket change come tax refund time. Here's what parents need to know about the 2021 Child Tax Credit, plus three other credits that could help you save.

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Can You Claim a Newborn on Your Taxes?
Having a baby changes everything—including your taxes. Here's what new parents need know when getting your paperwork together for tax season.
Is It Tax Deductible? 7 Things Parents Should Know Before They File
Tax season is right around the corner. From child care to student loans, brush up on what is—and isn't—tax deductible so you can save the most money possible. 

Insurance, Wills, Taxes: Tax Rules When You Have a Nanny

Tax rules you need to know if you have household help.