Do you understand the tax system? Not many of us truly do. Find out the basics of withholdings, how your taxes are assesed, and learn how to hire a pro who can help you stay ahead of your taxes.

6 Key Tax Tips for New Parents

When you're a new parent, everything is overwhelming -- from figuring out how take care of your new baby to figuring out how to file your taxes with the new household addition. Luckily, here's a cheat sheet on what you should know when getting your paperwork together for tax season.

7 Tax Deductions Every Parent Should Know About

Everyone wants to save money, and parents are no exception. But when it comes to filing taxes, did you know there are certain tax breaks that apply just for parents? Even if you feel like you're spending more than saving, having a child can actually help you save some cash during this tax season.

How to Use Flexible Spending Accounts

Are flexible spending plans worth the paperwork headache?

Why I Support a Soda Tax

Soda is lousy for us--and we should all be drinking less. A soda tax is just smart.

Insurance, Wills, Taxes: Tax Rules When You Have a Nanny

Tax rules you need to know if you have household help.

Everything Parents Need to Know About Taxes

Don't put off filing taxes. Try these suggestions for getting the most out of deductions that parents can take.

Budget Blunders

Lots of new parents get careless about family finances and make preventable mistakes. Don't let it happen to you.