How to Reduce Food Waste and Save Big

Most American families throw away $1,600 every year, and it's literally rotting in the garbage can in the form of food waste. If you're watching your grocery budget (and who isn't?), reducing food waste is an easy way to save some dough, and help the environment to boot.


[MUSIC]  10 Ways to cut food waste (and save $) The average American family throws away 1,000 pints of food a year. That's $1,400 worth! Here's how to keep your cash out of the trash. Tip 1: Plan your meals. and stick to the plan at the grocery store. If you don't buy it, you can't throw it away. Tip 2: Think twice before buying fresh foods in large quantities. Be realistic. Tip 3: To keep milk & eggs fresh longer, don't store on refrigerator door. That's the warmest part of the fridge. Tip 4: Keep a list on your fridge door of what is almost past its prime and use those foods first. Tip 5: Don't throw away fruit that's just beyond fresh. Bag it, Freeze it, and use it in smoothies. Tip 6: eat fresh food earlier in the week before they've had a chance to go bad. Tip 6: Then hit the pantry staples. Tip 7: "Best by" and "Sell By" dates are just suggestions for peak quality. Most food is perfectly good days after those dates. Tip 9: use your freezer. Pack up leftovers and freeze for another time. Tip 10: Cook easy. "Clean-out-your-fridge" meals to use up odds and ends. 

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