How to Buy Baby Food on a Budget

Deals on baby food are easy to find if you know where to look. Here are ways to save.


When it comes to baby food, those little jars can cost big bucks. Here's how to fill your baby's belly without having to tighten your own belt. Start by making your own baby food. Buying a blender or food processor will eventually pay for itself. Blend leftover ingredients from whatever you're making the rest of the family for dinner. Just be sure the foods are baby friendly, and that you're blending thoroughly. Become a member of your local drugstore or supermarket's baby clubs. You can earn reward points and exclusive discounts on baby items, including food. Visit the websites of baby food manufacturers. Gerber often has coupons on its special offers page, Beechnut has a newsletter with deals, and Earth's Best has a special promotion page for savings. Before you shop, visit a site like or your local grocery store's website to catch bargains on your favorite brands. And don't be afraid to buy in bulk. Your growing baby has a healthy appetite. [MUSIC]

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