7 Easy Ways to Save Money on Diapers and Wipes

Get more diapers for your dollar by following these simple tips.

No two ways around it, diapers and wipes just get to be plain expensive. It's galling to have to spend so much money on something that just gets thrown away. Yes, I know there are cloth diapers and that they are supposed to be cheaper, but if you're like me and just can't bring yourself to switch to cloth diapers, take heart. Without too much hassle, you can save money on disposable diapers and wipes and probably keep from going broke in the process.

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1. Use Coupons

Hands down, this is the way that I save the most money on diapers and wipes. There are almost always coupons available for at least $1.00 off Huggies, Pampers, and often Luvs, too. Combine that with sale prices and you can save a bundle, especially at drugstores. I can almost always get a pack of diapers for $5 or less and wipes for $1.00 or less.

2. Be Slow to Switch Sizes

Why is this such a big deal? Because the bigger the diaper, the fewer diapers there are per package -- and therefore the more expensive it gets.

Diapers come with a suggested weight per size. I've discovered that with both of my children, they could wear the various size diapers for longer than what the package suggested. For instance, my daughter weighs more than the size 3 diapers say they are made for, but they still fit her fine, we don't have leaks, and so we continue to stick with them. Instead of going with what the package recommends, we change sizes once we start having lots of leaks.

3. Be Mindful of How You Put On the Diaper

And speaking of leaks, I know we get more mileage out of smaller diapers by using this little trick. Your child can stay in smaller diapers longer if you are careful how you put the diaper on. If your child's tendency is to leak out the top, then pull the diaper up more in the front. Have problems with messes oozing out the back? Then pull the diaper up more in the back. Both are a problem? Well, then it's definitely probably time to switch to the next size!

4. Watch Package Sizes

Instead of thinking price per package, think price per wipe/diaper. The reason for this is because not all packages contain the same amount of product. For instance, Pampers Soft Care wipes come in 72-count packages while Pampers Sensitive wipes come in 64-count packages. Both products cost the same amount but by purchasing the larger count you get 8 more wipes per package, reducing your cost.

You'll find similar things in diapers. Huggies Snug & Dry size 2 come in 42-count packages while Huggies Little Snugglers size 2 only have 36 per package. Again, they typically are priced the same but you can save around $0.04 per diaper by choosing the larger package.

5. Stockpile

Whenever you see diapers or wipes at a low price, if you have room in your budget, buy them even if you don't immediately need them. The concept behind this simple. Why pay full price for something that you can easily save a couple of bucks on? By waiting to buy diapers and wipes only when you need them, you almost always end up spending more.

I take diaper stockpiling pretty seriously. When I was pregnant with our daughter, I started buying diapers and wipes when I would see them at rock bottom prices. By the time she was born, I had 42 packages of diapers and around 30 packages of wipes. I'm just now starting to use up the last of what I bought then. The great thing is that I've continued to be able to keep buying ahead so I have never had to pay more than $5 for a package of diapers and $1 for a package of wipes. That has translated into huge savings for us!

6. Be Willing to Vary Brands

If you're going to maximize your savings, you're going to have to be willing to use whatever brand of diapers/wipes you can get for the least amount of money. Some weeks Pampers are the cheapest, other week Huggies. And sometimes it's a store brand. Be willing to try brands other than the one you typically use. Often you'll find that you like it just as well. And while I'm not a huge fan of store brand diapers, sometimes they actually are surprisingly good. Both Costco and Target brand diapers are really decent in my opinion and have great reviews online.

And remember, often store brand diapers have a money back guarantee, so if you don't like them you don't have anything to lose!

7. Buy in Bulk

If you don't plan on using coupons, the next best way to save is to buy in bulk. Places like Amazon and Diapers.com are great options to purchase boxes of diapers and wipes at decent prices. Amazon's Amazon Mom lets you get 20 percent savings on many of their diapers and wipes plus free 2-day shipping.

Lydia Beiler loves sharing easy recipes, money saving ideas and homemaking inspiration on her blog, Thrifty Frugal Mom. She and her husband of have been blessed with the gift of four amazing, and sometimes exasperating, children who keep them on their toes and fill their lives with lots of fun, crazy moments. They enjoy the adventure of big city living in Philadelphia and are currently spending lots of time fixing up the older house that they call home.

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