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Being a smart money manager will carry you through good financial times and more importantly help you weather the bad times. Here's everything you need to know about building a household budget, covering monthly expenses, and saving for rainy days.

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How Much Should You Budget for Twins?
Current estimates state that a family with twins should plan to shell out nearly $26,000 per year—but that's not entirely accurate. Still, it's a great motivator to set—and maintain—a family budget. 
Why All Parents Should Use Groupon When They Travel
Groupon can't guarantee that my toddler will enjoy a ninja-themed indoor park or an interactive aquarium. But it can guarantee that we try all of these activities without going over our travel budget.
10 Affordable, Kid-Friendly Hotels That Look Way More Expensive Than They Are 
Just because you're traveling with kids, on a budget, doesn't mean you have to forgo style and splendor. These properties are reasonably priced and perfect for that frame-worthy family photo.
Why Budgeting for an Extra Plane Seat for Your Baby is Worth the Money
A child under 2 years old can fly on your lap for free—which can feel like a great excuse to travel with a baby for no additional cost. But believe me when I tell you: Buy the extra plane seat.
How to Budget for Family Travel Around Big Life Events
You're probably already schlepping kids far and wide for weddings and the like. Here's how—and why—to turn it into a vacation to save major travel money.
Here's How Cooking Can Help Your Kids Learn to Budget
The kitchen and the grocery store are great places to kick off important conversations with kids about saving, spending, and budgeting. Here's how to get started. 

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My Family Drained Our Savings to Buy a House in This Crazy Real Estate Market—And We Have No Regrets
Draining your entire savings, mid-pandemic, when you have a toddler and a new job, is scary. Any financial advisor would have said: Don't do that. But we went ahead with the plan anyway.
10 Affordable Babymoon Ideas for 2022
You don't have to spend the equivalent of your childbirth bills to get away for that final pre-baby break. These beautiful babymoon destinations for 2022 are romantic and affordable.
What the Infrastructure Bill Means for Your Family Budget

How will the $1.2 trillion that the Biden administration is about to put into bridges, roadways, and broadband internet affect your bottom line as an American—and as a parent?