The Average Hourly Rate for a Babysitter in Every State

Getting a sitter can give you a night away from the kids or a precious few hours to yourself. Here's how much you can expect to pay a babysitter in your state.

A nanny or a babysitter can be an essential part of the proverbial village it takes to raise a child. Since many people don't have a built-in, multi-generational "village," hiring a babysitter can help you get some much-needed help and time to yourself.

While it's nice to have family or friends that will take the kids off your hands, most parents need to add a sitter to their budget. In fact, a 2017 survey found that 74% of parents hire a babysitter at least once a month.

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Factors That Impact Rates

According to UrbanSitter, the national average hourly rate for a babysitter in 2022 was $20.57 for one child and $23.25 for two kids. However, how much you pay your babysitter depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • Where you live
  • The babysitter's level of experience and education
  • Demand
  • How many children you have

"Those on the higher price end are typically our enrichment leaders who are often college-educated sitters who lead kids in certain activities like art, music, acting, dancing, and homework help," says Yi-Hsian Godfrey, co-founder and CEO of Apiari, an online platform that matches families with child care providers.

You can also expect a higher cost if you have more than one child under the age of 2 or if you're getting together with some friends for a shared nanny or sitter. Full-time career nannies will also often charge higher rates than those who offer occasional babysitting.

The pandemic also increased the demand (and appreciation) for babysitters. "We are seeing a growing movement in recognizing nannies and babysitters as a valued profession for many parents," says Marina Lloyd, owner of Utah-based nanny placement agency The Nanny Haven. From 2021–2022, babysitting rates went up 11%, according to UrbanSitter, outpacing inflation by 4%. Lloyd saw the average rate increase by about 20% in her area between 2019 and 2021.

Babysitting Rates by State

Below is a guide to every state's average hourly babysitting rates as of 2022, so you know what to expect when you need one.

State Average Rate for a Babysitter (per hour)*
Alabama $14.07/hr
Alaska $15.80/hr
Arizona $16.08/hr
Arkansas $14.17/hr
California $17.16/hr
Colorado $17.57/hr
Connecticut $15.92/hr
Delaware $17.68/hr
Florida $13.70/hr
Georgia $12.74/hr
Hawaii $16.46/hr
Idaho $17.03/hr
Illinois $13.40/hr
Indiana $15.47/hr
Iowa $14.56/hr
Kansas $14.07/hr
Kentucky $13.73/hr
Louisiana $12.49/hr
Maine $16.10/hr
Maryland $18.41/hr
Massachusetts $16.79/hr
Michigan $16.87/hr
Minnesota $15.61/hr
Mississippi $13.71/hr
Missouri $16.05/hr
Montana $16.03/hr
Nebraska $17.62/hr
Nevada $16.42/hr
New Hampshire $17.08/hr
New Jersey $16.24/hr
New Mexico $14.11/hr
New York $18.14/hr
North Carolina $14.65/hr
North Dakota $15.42/hr
Ohio $14.71/hr
Oklahoma $16.62/hr
Oregon $15.58/hr
Pennsylvania $14.98/hr
Rhode Island $15.82/hr
South Carolina $17.42/hr
South Dakota $14.68/hr
Tennessee $15.74/hr
Texas $15.09/hr
Utah $14.46/hr
Vermont $16.77/hr
Virginia $18.04/hr
Washington $18.97/hr
West Virginia $15.13/hr
Wisconsin $14.82/hr
Wyoming $15.88/hr

*Numbers from Ziprecruiter data and estimates.

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