Here is the Average Hourly Rate For a Babysitter in Every State

Getting a sitter can give you a night away from the kids or a precious few hours to yourself—here's how much you can expect to pay a babysitter in your state.

Raising kids takes a village—and a babysitter can be an important part of it so you can get some much-needed help and time to yourself. A 2017 survey found that 74 percent of parents hire a babysitter at least once a month. While it's nice to have family or friends that will take the kids off your hands, chances are you will have to add a sitter to your budget. While the national average hourly rate for a babysitter is $17.73 for one child, $20.30 for two, and $21.49 for three kids, how much you pay your babysitter depends largely on which state you live in.

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Other factors that affect cost regardless of location are a babysitter's level of experience and education. "Those on the higher price end are typically our enrichment leaders who are often college-educated sitters who lead kids in certain activities like art, music, acting, dancing and homework help," says Yi-Hsian Godfrey, co-founder and CEO of Apiari, an online platform that matches families with child care providers. Expect a higher cost if you have more than one child under the age of 2 or if you're getting together with some friends for a shared nanny or sitter. Full-time nannies will also charge higher rates than those who have babysitting as more of a side hustle, or are in school.

The pandemic has also increased the demand (and appreciation) for babysitters. "We are seeing a growing movement in recognizing nannies and babysitters as a valued profession for many parents," says Marina Lloyd, owner of Utah-based nanny placement agency The Nanny Haven. "When parents are suddenly working at home and have kids at home, they need that extra set of hands to be present more than ever." Lloyd has seen the average rate increase by about 20 percent in her area over the past two years.

Here is a guide to the average hourly babysitting rates in every state so you know what to expect when you need one.

State Average Rate For A Babysitter (per hour)*
Alabama $13.95/hr
Alaska $15.14/hr
Arizona $14.81/hr
Arkansas $13.28/hr
California $16.49/hr
Colorado $17.20/hr
Connecticut $15.44/hr
Delaware $16.92/hr
Florida $13.46/hr
Georgia $14.28/hr
Hawaii $15.88/hr
Idaho $15.49/hr
Illinois $13.21/hr
Indiana $14.71/hr
Iowa $13.97/hr
Kansas $14.13/hr
Kentucky $14.48/hr
Louisiana $14.19/hr
Maine $15.30/hr
Maryland $18.08/hr
Massachusetts $16.42/hr
Michigan $16.12/hr
Minnesota $14.63/hr
Mississippi $13.24/hr
Missouri $15.66/hr
Montana $14.96/hr
Nebraska $12.29/hr
Nevada $15.02/hr
New Hampshire $14.63/hr
New Jersey $15.00/hr
New Mexico $13.81/hr
New York $17.62/hr
North Carolina $14.62/hr
North Dakota $15.01/hr
Ohio $14.50/hr
Oklahoma $16.46/hr
Oregon $14.35/hr
Pennsylvania $15.24/hr
Rhode Island $15.22/hr
South Carolina $17.16/hr
South Dakota $14.57/hr
Tennessee $14.61/hr
Texas $15.00/hr
Utah $14.32/hr
Vermont $16.06/hr
Virginia $17.48/hr
Washington $18.39/hr
West Virginia $15.31/hr
Wisconsin $14.54/hr
Wyoming $15.77/hr

*Numbers from Ziprecruiter data and estimates.

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