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Whether you’re about to welcome your fourth kid or just starting to search for sperm donors, there are two truths to parenting: First, no two parents’ paths look the same. Second, kids are expensive. Luckily, we have readers covered with your go-to guide to the frightening but totally feasible financial “firsts” of starting a family.

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How to Teach Kids the Difference Between Needs vs. Wants When It Comes to Money
Does your kid "need" that Nintendo Switch? These expert tips will help parents teach kids valuable lessons about money priorities and financial decision-making. 
Why It's Important to Pay Yourself First as a Single Parent
These are the top four reasons experts say it's important to pay yourself first as a single parent—and tips to make those self-payments happen.
Navigating Financial Aid as a Single Parent: How to Get a Free Ride for your Kid
My daughter got into an Ivy League school, but instead attended a state university, for which we paid zero tuition. Here are tips to get your kid a free ride, too—even as a single parent.
Help! My Tween is Addicted to Buying Junk
With that first taste of independence—and a little bit of cash in their pockets—comes a whole lot of wasteful impulse buying. Here, experts advise on how to approach tween and teen spending.
How I Started Investing as a Not-Quite-Financially Literate Single Mom
If I can learn to invest, anyone can. Here are the action steps to how I got started building my portfolio—without much money or financial literacy.
How to Break the Always-Broke Cycle as a Single Dad
When I became a single dad, I struggled to make ends meet. These steps helped me break the cycle and get my finances in order—for me, and for my son.

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