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Whether you’re about to welcome your fourth kid or just starting to search for sperm donors, there are two truths to parenting: First, no two parents’ paths look the same. Second, kids are expensive. Luckily, we have readers covered with your go-to guide to the frightening but totally feasible financial “firsts” of starting a family.

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How to Pay for College: Scholarships, Grants, and Loans Explained

What's the difference between a scholarship and a grant anyway? Don't get overwhelmed by the costs of college tuition before your kid even hits campus. Here's everything you need to know about paying for college.

The Hidden Financial Costs of Postpartum Depression

In a country saddled with mental health care and health insurance crises—as well as systemic racism—treatment for postpartum depression (PPD) can be prohibitively expensive.

5 Low-Cost Ways To Prevent & Help Reduce Postpartum Depression Symptoms

Getting the right postpartum support is important—but it shouldn't cause you more stress by being expensive. Here are ways to find affordable care for your fourth trimester so you can rest and recover.

How to Negotiate Your Kid's School Tuition

Can you negotiate school tuition for your child? Short answer: Yes. And now is a great time to do it.

How Much Does Private School Really Cost — & Is It Worth It?

The costs of private school are skyrocketing. But is giving your child a leg up worth the financial burden? If so, then what about the kids who don't have the choice—or the money?

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