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Whether you’re about to welcome your fourth kid or just starting to search for sperm donors, there are two truths to parenting: First, no two parents’ paths look the same. Second, kids are expensive. Luckily, we have readers covered with your go-to guide to the frightening but totally feasible financial “firsts” of starting a family.

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The rise of "one and done," only-child families in the United States is largely due to skyrocketing child care costs. At this rate, can working parents even afford

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A new study reveals that one notable parenting style results in cost savings to families as well as future financial benefits as children mature into adulthood. Here's how it works.

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College tuition costs continue to skyrocket, and it's anyone's guess how much more they'll rise in a decade. Here are our top college-savings strategies—that don't involve a traditional 529 account.

I'm Tempted to Give Up on Career Post-Kids—But Here's Why I'm Not

For seven years, I mostly lived off my husband's income so I could be the primary caregiver for our three young children. And it's come at a cost: my entire career.

We Hired My Mom as Nanny to Cut Costs and It Didn't Turn Out as Expected

After weighing our childcare options, we decided to hire my mom as nanny for our three young kids. The outcome certainly saved us money, but it came with an unpleasant emotional cost.

How This Single Mom Bought Her Dream Home in Cash

How one mom left her husband and paid off $80K in debt in order to buy her son (and herself) a five-bedroom, four-bathroom dream home—in up-front cash.

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