These Are the Best Luxury Cars for Families

Is a car purchase on your family's to-do list for the year ahead? Here are some of the best choices for luxury buyers.

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Between supply chain problems, inflation, and persistent shortages of semiconductor chips, 2022 is shaping up to be another tough year to do any car shopping. But sometimes a car purchase simply can't be avoided, particularly if you have a growing family.

The good news is that in the luxury car segment, the options for families have been increasing. In fact, the very definition of what constitutes a luxury car is evolving, say the experts at Kelley Blue Book, who point out that traditionally mid-range vehicles are now competing in the luxury segment when it comes to amenities offered. The bad news? Those mid-range vehicles are now creeping into luxury car status when it comes to pricing as well.

Still, if your family's budget can accommodate the cost, there are plenty of tempting luxury car options to explore. Here's a closer look at some of the top options recommended by automotive experts from Kelley Blue Book, Consumer Reports, and Car and Driver.

Audi Q7

Kelley Blue Book Fair Purchase Price: Starting at $55,489

Audi's Q7 SUV makes driving a vehicle designed to accommodate an entire family feel far more stylish. "It is a terrific combination of European elegance and American convenience," says Kelley Blue Book's Brian Moody. "If you hate the idea of driving a minivan and don't need the bulk of a Chevy Suburban, the Q7 is a really good fit." The Q7 includes three rows of seats and a technology-filled cabin.

Cadillac Escalade

Kelley Blue Book Fair Purchase Price: Starting at $76,687

For many car buyers, including families, luxury equals size. If that sounds like you, the Escalade, which is Cadillac's biggest SUV, may be the perfect choice. (As long as you don't mind driving such a large, gas guzzling vehicle.) In addition to offering plenty of room for your brood, the Escalade includes high-end luxe detailing including and there's a rear-seat entertainment package that includes two 12.6-inch displays designed for streaming. And that's not all. "The opulent interior can be had with such luxuries as an augmented reality navigation system, a huge OLED display screen, Cadillac's hands-free Super Cruise driving, and an AKG sound system," says Moody.

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Kelley Blue Book Fair Purchase Price: Starting at $47,640

Minivans have a job to do, and most do it well. If you're family wants something that's a little more than simply functional however, look at the Chrysler Pacifica, says Moody. "Inside and out, the Pacifica looks just as much at home dropping off at a red-carpet event as it does picking up in the elementary school carpool line," Moody explains. Car and Driver Senior Editor Drew Dorian also describes the Pacifica Hyrbrid as a vehicle that not only has "family transportation down pat," but is also "practical, comfortable, graceful, and undeniably handsome." The Chrysler Pacifica is sold as either a regular V-6 or can be purchased as a plug-in hybrid vehicle.

Genesis GV80

Kelley Blue Book Fair Purchase Price: Starting at $49,638

When it comes to three-row SUVs, few look as attractive as the Genesis GV80, says Moody. The GV80 includes third row of seating for the kids, while also offering is a level of family-friendliness that Moody says seems "almost seems out of place given how luxurious the GV80 comes off both inside and out." Dorian, of Car and Driver, says the vehicle has such parent-friendly features as "stately design and a serene, leather-lined cabin," putting it on par such high-end cars as the luxe BMW X5 and the Mercedes-Benz GLE-class. In fact, the Genesis GV80 recently earned the publication's Editors' Choice award.

Hyundai Ioniq 5

Kelley Blue Book Fair Purchase Price: Starting at $40,925

Not technically a luxury brand, many of Hyundai's cars and SUVs border on luxury regardless, says Moody. The Ioniq 5 is an all-electric hatchback or crossover SUV depending on how you look at it. "Hyundai calls it an SUV and it does have a very spacious, very useful interior," says Moody. Why should families be interested in this car? Hyundai has done a great job of making simplicity luxurious, says Moody. And with a 300 mile range, fast charging ability, and 225 horsepower, the Ioniq 5 is as fun as it is functional for families.

Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Kelley Blue Book Fair Purchase Price: Starting at $85,853

Jeep's Grand Wagoneer is new this year and offers a very capable off-road SUV that can also pack the family in for a serious getaway both on and off-road. "But the Grand Wagoneer is about more than just luxury details, it's an entire VIP experience," says Moody. "Everything from shopping for your new Grand Wagoneer to servicing it is handled by a dedicated staff."

Kia Carnival

Kelley Blue Book Fair Purchase Price: Starting at $32,779

Sure, Kia isn't a luxury brand, but the Carnival can be outfitted to look the part at a slightly more family-friendly price. "Airline style reclining seats are available in the second row, as is a touchscreen-based entertainment system," says Moody. "Dual 12.3-inch display screens are also available." Opt for the SX Prestige trim if you want the ultimate family hauler, adds Moody.

Volvo XC60 T8

Kelley Blue Book Fair Purchase Price: Starting at $54,193

Volvo's XC60 is just the right size for families who don't necessarily need three rows of seating. The T8 designation indicates it's a plug-in hybrid version for buyers who really want and electric SUV, but don't yet have enough charging options in their local community. "Opt for the extended range version to get more than 30 miles of electric only driving each time you charge up," suggests Moody.


Starting price: $75,895

The best luxury vehicles for families often blend refinement with practicality and driving verve—traits that the team at Car and Driver looks for when deciding on their annual Editors' Choice awards, says Dorian. One of the SUVs that fits such criteria is the BMW X7, an Editor's Choice Winner that has six seats spread among three rows. Car and Driver says the vehicle is "well-suited for affluent families" adding that it offers gobs of upscale content and high-tech features as well as an interior that's as quiet as a library but both comfier and ritzier."

Audi A4

Starting price: $39,900 to $45,500

The Audi A4, a compact luxury sports sedan, is among the top choices for families by the experts at Consumer Reports, who say it offers a variety of important features. "The Audi has better reliability than the BMW (from Consumer Report's survey of members who own these vehicles) and has a better Road Test Score," says Jon Linkov, deputy autos editor for Consumer Reports. "It has a better balance of ride, comfort, and handling agility, and is a bit quieter inside." Car and Driver's review of the A4 also points out that it offers plenty of details parents will like including a "richly appointed cabin, lively handling, upscale styling, and plenty of tech features."

BMW 3 series

Starting price: $41,500 to $56,700

Amid skyrocketing inflation and fuel prices, here's a feature that families everywhere will like: the 3 series gets slightly better fuel economy (29 miles per gallon overall) in Consumer Report tests. Hitting on another especially important consideration when driving your family around, the 3 series also stopped shorter in Consumer Report's dry- and wet-surface braking tests. And finally, notes Linkov, this vehicle has a better owner satisfaction score. "The BMW is a bit more friendly for parents installing child seats," adds Linkov.

Buick Envision

Starting price: $31,500 to $41,650

Consider the Buick Envision the sleeper luxury offering for families, says Linkov, of Consumer Reports. "Redesigned for the 2021 model year, the Buick tops Consumer Report's ratings thanks to its excellent reliability; full complement of standard active safety systems including forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, and blind spot warning; quiet interior; and very good ride comfort," explains Linkov. It's also easy to get a secure fit for most child seats in the rear seat of the Envision, and the vehicle's wide door openings make it a snap for kids to get in and out, says Linkov.

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