Donating to Charity

Teach your children the value of donating to charity. Learn the basics of donation through cash, hours of service, or by gifting material goods. It's a feel good, do good lesson for the whole family that will yield you a deduction come tax time.

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How to Help Families Dealing With Food Insecurity

Food pantries have seen a large increase in demand during the coronavirus pandemic. Here's how to help families in need or where to find help if you need it.
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10 International Women's Day Gifts That Give Back

The theme of International Women's Day 2020 is "Each for Equal," which aims to send the message that "our individual actions, conversations, behaviors, and mindsets can have an impact on our larger society." Here are 10 beautiful and useful products you can purchase to create change.
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6-Year-Old Boy's Clay Koalas Have Raised Over $51K for Australian Fire Relief

All of the money Owen Colley raises from his clay creatures will go to the Wildlife Rescue South Coast in New South Wales.
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5 Parents Who Started Their Own Nonprofits

These parents took real action when they encountered problems and decided to make a difference.
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5 Toys That Give Back

These toys for babies and young kids provide plenty of fun while also doing good. Each purchase supports a charity that gives back to kids in need.
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6-Year-Old Girl Secretly Buys Nearly $400 Worth of Toys from Her Mom's Amazon Account

Though she is only 6 years old, Katelyn Lunt knows how to “treat yo self” a little too well!