Donating to Charity

Teach your children the value of donating to charity. Learn the basics of donation through cash, hours of service, or by gifting material goods. It's a feel good, do good lesson for the whole family that will yield you a deduction come tax time.

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Mom Adds Community Fridge in Front of Her Restaurant: 'It's a Teachable Moment to Talk About Hunger'
A community fridge outside of the East Village restaurant S'MAC teaches a neighborhood of kids how to be there for friends and neighbors in need.
Mom Creates Superhero Robe for Children With Cancer to Bring Them Joy and Comfort
A 3-year-old battling stage 4 cancer named Elliott helped inspire entrepreneur and designer Allison Schickel to create something special for children with the disease, fighting another chronic illness, or recovering from surgery.
10 Charities That Help Families Affected by Natural Disasters
With wildfires, floods, and earthquakes impacting families around the world, here are some of the organizations working to help with recovery efforts.
8 Ways to Help Girls and Their Mothers in Afghanistan
With the Taliban seizing power in Afghanistan, powerful voices like Malala Yousafzai are speaking out about their fears for the country's women and girls. Here's how your family can make a difference.
Why I'm Teaching My Kids To Be Generous With Their Allowance
While I know saving is valuable, I don't want to pass my own stinginess on to my kids. Instead, I'm teaching them to be generous with their money—with themselves and others.
4 Apps to Track Clothing and Household Donations for Tax Write-Offs
All the household items and unwanted clothing you donate to charity throughout the year can add up—and be used as a tax write-off. But keeping track of what you've given can be challenging.

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5 Ways to Teach Kids About Charity and Giving Back
Teaching your children about setting aside money to give to important causes is the key to raising socially-conscious kids. Here is advice from other parents on how to give back as a family.

Woman Buys Out Entire Payless Store, Worth Almost $21K, and Donates 1.5K Shoes to Students

Arkansas attorney Carrie Jernigan was checking out and realized that were many shoes still for sale.