10 Best Luxury Cars for Families

These higher-priced vehicles aced government safety tests as well as Parents' own checks from a certified child-passenger safety technician.

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Photo: Illustration by Francesca Spatola; Courtesy of Acura
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Volvo XC90

2020 Volvo XC90
Courtesy of Volvo

Starting at $48,350

For 2020, the Volvo XC90 received a chic makeover—on the inside and out. A new bumper, wheels, and grille make it one of the most stylish SUVs on the market, plus the tweaked braking and suspension systems improve the drive. You can fit up to four car seats or boosters. If you want to install a forward-facing car seat in the third row, do it on the passenger side where the tether is located, notes Abbie Patterson, a certified child-passenger safety technician and owner of Super Car Seat Geek. A plug-in hybrid model is available.

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Acura MDX

2019 Acura MDX
Courtesy of Acura

Starting at $44,500

Perfect for larger families, the Acura MDX has a roomier third row than many other luxury SUVs. You'll be able to fit up to five car seats or boosters, notes Patterson. The V6 engines provide plenty of power to merge confidently.

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Ford Expedition

Ford Expedition 2020
Courtesy of Ford

Starting at $52,810

When testing the Ford Expedition for Parents, auto reporter Rob Stumpf noted that the seats "feel like you're sitting on a on a La-Z-Boy sofa." Opt for the eight-passenger model, which has three full sets of lower anchors and tethers in the second row and two full sets plus an additional tether in third row. You'll be able to fit up to six car seats or boosters, says Patterson.

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Cadillac XT6

2020 Cadillac XT6 Premium Luxury
Courtesy of Cadillac

Starting at $53,690

All new for 2020, this roomy three-row SUV handles like a smaller car, steering effortlessly. Many important safety features, such as "night vision," which has infrared sensors to alert you to potential hazards, come standard. You can fit up to four car seats or boosters.

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Acura RDX

2019 Acura RDX
Courtesy of Acura

Starting at $37,800

The sporty-looking two-row SUV wowed us with its roominess. You'll likely be able to fit up to three car seats or boosters, as long as they're not oversized. The cargo area also has plenty of space to fit a big grocery order.

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Cadillac XT5

2020 Cadillac XT5 Sport
Courtesy of Cadillac

Starting at $44,095

Refreshed for 2020, this two-row SUV now offers a turbocharged four-cylinder engine on all trims and an improved entertainment system. You'll be able to fit two car seats or boosters.

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Lincoln Nautilus

2019 Lincoln Nautilus
Courtesy of Lincoln

Starting at $41,040

The posh interior and powerful engine in this two-row SUV give families a comfortable ride. You may be able to fit three car seats or boosters, depending on their size.

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Lexus UX200

Lexus UX200
Courtesy of Lexus

Starting at $32,300

One of the lower-priced luxury two-row SUVS, the Lexus UX200 gets excellent gas mileage—29 miles per gallon (mpg) in the city and 37mpg on the highway. It fits up to two car seats or boosters. You'll appreciate the labels point to slits in the upholstery under which the top tether bars are located, says Patterson.

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Lincoln Continental

2020 Lincoln Continental
Courtesy of Lincoln

Starting at $46,305

This sedan provides a super-comfy ride for all passengers thanks to its spacious interior. Even tall drivers will have a lot of legroom when a rear-facing car seat is installed behind them. You'll fit two car seats or boosters.

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Lexus ES350

2019 Lexus ES350
Courtesy of Lexus

Starting at $39,900

Still fresh from its redesign last year, this sporty sedan features an excellent suspension system. A hybrid version, with a combined city-highway gas mileage of up to 44mpg, starts at $41,810. It will comfortably fit two car seats or boosters.

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