Buying a House

Buying a home will be the single-most expensive purchase of your life, but fear not. We'll help you navigate the real estate world and find the perfect home for you and your family. Plus: Is now the right time to buy?

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My Family Drained Our Savings to Buy a House in This Crazy Real Estate Market—And We Have No Regrets
Draining your entire savings, mid-pandemic, when you have a toddler and a new job, is scary. Any financial advisor would have said: Don't do that. But we went ahead with the plan anyway.
A Family Guide To Buying a House
Expert tips on everything from finding the best real estate agent to obtaining a competitive mortgage and preparing for closing costs.
How to Save Money for a House
Amassing enough money for a down payment can be a daunting task for anyone but particularly for families who juggle a variety of competing demands on the family budget.
An Easy-to-Follow Multifamily Home Buying Guide
It is no easy feat to find a good investment property and a forever home at the same time. Here are four simple steps to succeed in the process of buying the right multifamily home for you.
Is Rent-To-Own An Affordable Way to Buy a Family Home?
Well, not exactly. There are two sides to rent-to-own agreements: The first is what is advertised to attract homebuyers; the second is the truth about costs and contracts. Here's the skinny on both.
An Age-by-Age Guide to Moving With Kids
Uprooting your child from their home, school, and friends can be as heartbreaking as it is exciting. Here’s how to reducing moving stress, help kids adjust to the transition, and even look forward to it too.

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The Family Home-Buying Guide
The economy's improving, but the housing market remains tricky. Avoid a costly mistake—and find the perfect place for your crew.
A Guide To Refinancing Your Home
Does it make sense to refinance your mortgage? Here's how to decide what's right for your family's budget.