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Why Extending the Child Tax Credit is One Solution to Our Broken Child Support System

For the more than 70% of single moms who receive no child support from the other parent, increasing President Biden's child tax credit through 2025 would be a game-changer.

Two Parents, One Salary: How to Make a Single-Income Household Work in 2021

Faced with the rising costs of child care, many parents decide one of them should stay home with the kids to save money. Here's how families who are raising children on a single income make it work.

What It's Really Like to Make a Living as a Momfluencer

Not only are momfluencer—and dadfluencer—parents making money, many have turned Instagramming into a full-time job that is fully funding their kids' college tuitions. Here's how.

These Two Moms Are Helping Other Parents Teach Their Kids Emotional Intelligence

Two high school best friends became moms passionate about emotional intelligence and launched a program for families to help kids find happiness and success. Here are their best tips for entrepreneurship and fostering your kids' passions.

Stimulus Payment Access Has a Racial Gap —Here's How to Advocate for Your Family and Others

11 percent fewer Black families received their 2021 government stimulus checks than white folks. Meanwhile, 50 percent of Blacks (and only 22 percent of whites) say they are counting on that money to survive.

10 Piggy Banks That Teach Kids Financial Literacy

Piggybanks are a great way to get children excited about learning to save money. Here are the best banks on the market for teaching kids financial literacy—and having fun while they're at it.

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This Mom Created a Yoga App That's Helping Other Parents Navigate Their Pregnancies

Entrepreneur and mom of three Heidi Kristoffer created a yoga app to support expectant parents. Here are her best tips for running a business.

How to Maintain Financial Stability on Maternity Leave

With the United States as the only developed country without government-mandated paid parental leave, many new parents are left scrambling to make ends meet financially. Here's how to be prepared for maternity leave when it comes to money.

10 Budget-Friendly Hotels with New Kid-Focused Programming

Are you ready for summer fun? These hotels are easy on the wallet and rolling out the welcome mat for family visitors.