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This Mom Built a Multibillion-Dollar Business and Now Helps Other Parents Become Millionaires

Suneera Madhani, a mom of two, founded Fattmerchant—aka the "Netflix of credit card processing." Here's her advice for parents aiming to find success in their own businesses.

5 Ways to Navigate the Health Care System Like a Boss Parent

It's more important than ever to know the ins and outs of the health care system. From picking the right doctor and medical costs to boosting your kid's immune system, here's everything you need to know.

This Former Nurse is Helping Aspiring CEOs Launch Successful Businesses

Priscilla Jankans, a mom of two, followed her entrepreneurial dreams to start a medical staffing agency and a variety of other successful ventures. She shares her best tips for how other parents can win in business.

Meet the Mom Taking the Stress Out of Gift Giving

Madianite McNichol, a mom of two and doctor, put her entrepreneur skills to the test by creating a gift service for busy people. She shares tips to help other parents fuel their passion, along with a few budget-friendly gift-giving ideas they'll need too.

How This Mom is Taking on the $70B Baby Formula Industry

Laura Modi, a mom of three, has put her financial smarts toward becoming the CEO of an infant formula company. She shares her best tips for fellow parent entrepreneurs.

This Single Mom Launched a National Hijab Fashion Brand With Only $7,000

Lisa Vogl used her savings to turn a passion project into a profitable business when her family needed it most. Now, she's co-founder of the first modest fashion brand offering hijabs sold in an American department store. Here's how she did it, plus her best financial advice for parents of all kinds.

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How This Mom of 4 Budgets to Support Her Foster Household

Crystal Paine has been learning how to scrimp and save since she was a kid. Today, she runs the successful blog Money Saving Mom. Here are her best tips on saving and budgeting while raising her 4 children and opening their home to fostering.

This Mom of 3 Runs a Private Ophthalmology Practice While Empowering Female Doctors-to-Be

Dr. Rupa Wong is a surgeon, wife, mom of three, and managing partner for an ophthalmology practice she shares with her husband in Hawaii. She recently opened up about how she built her success, as well as her best tips for other working moms and entrepreneurs.

I’m a Mom and an Academic Advisor, Here’s How to Get Your Teen Through College Debt-Free

As an academic strategist for 25 years, Jeannie Burlowski helped students prepare to get into elite graduate programs. Now she also guides parents on how to help their kids avoid crushing post-graduation debt—here's how.