Just a quick reminder that moms are a force of nature, and we are not worthy. 

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Credit: freestocks.org/pexel

Grab a box of tissues because you are bound to shed tears after witnessing one mom come to her daughter’s rescue during her talent show performance. This beautiful moment has us all wanting to call our moms just to tell them how much we love them—it’s that powerful.

So here is what went down. A mom by the name of Rhonda Whitney was attending her daughter’s school talent show—and in complete parenting fashion, recording all the performances—when one of the students began to sing Andra Day’s song “Rise Up”. The young girl starts off shaky, nervous, and timid but just barely gets the words out—the audience is being kind and patient but very quiet. The young performer freezes mid-way through the song, appearing very defeated when you hear the strong voice of an audience member chime in. Just like that, the little girl’s mother belts out the chorus and joins her daughter on stage—the two hold hands and finish out the song together. (Cue muffled sobs.)

Whitney decided to share the heartwarming moment to Facebook—the video now has over 7 million views, and 93 thousand shares. This comes as no surprise to us, we can’t get enough of the magical moment.

Whitney’s caption reads, “At my daughter's talent show last night, this young lady got scared and stopped singing. What her mom (Shaye Washington) did, had me in tears and i cry every time i watch it.  <3 To the mom and daughter in this video: thank you for showing us all something so beautiful, and inspirational. In my eyes you won the talent show <3 #riseup”

For the record, we too cry every time we watch it. It’s incredible how the whole mood of the room shifts as the audience begins to cheer for the mother-daughter duo who triumphantly persist together.

As if this story couldn’t get any better, the supermom herself, Shaye Washington, took to Facebook to address her viral moment in the best way.

“My motherly instincts just kicked in. I wanted to teach my daughter perseverance. I am so grateful for all of the love I am receiving from strangers, because sometimes I am hard on myself as a mom and think I’m not doing enough so all of the kind words are definitely a breath of fresh air. God sure knows how to knock my socks off,” Washington wrote.

Washington, we think you deserve mom of the year for that—never doubt yourself. Motherhood isn’t easy but it’s clear you are doing an incredible job.