The U.K.-based mom, who welcomed twin boys in December, took to Instagram to share a powerful message with other women who may be struggling with their postpartum body image.

By Maressa Brown
March 07, 2018
Credit: Katrina Elena/Shutterstock

A mom from the U.K. who gave birth to twins in December is making headlines for her inspirational, body positive Instagram post. After welcoming her L.O.s, Emily Marson started documenting her life with husband Thomas and their two infant sons Arthur and Finley called @Marson.Twins. And on March 2, she shared a beautiful photo of her postpartum stomach next to her baby boys.

Alongside the shot, Marson wrote, "Okay, this is quite a personal post but I am now four months postpartum and beginning to embrace what my body has become." She explained that her sons were born prematurely and that she had to visit the hospital on several occasions due to dehydration and early contractions. Ultimately, she ended up delivering the boys via C-section.

“Our bodies go through a lot,” she wrote. “A lot of change and your body is put through an enormous amount and I am so proud of myself that I carried such beautiful children and gave them food, warmth and most importantly all the love that I never thought I had. With a scar that I will have for the rest of my life is a tiny sacrifice for a lifetime of beautiful memories with my family.”

She then pivoted to addressing other mothers who might be struggling with poor body image in the wake of giving birth. "Your stretch marks DO NOT define you, your scar DOES NOT define you, your flab DOES NOT define you," Marson shared. "You are incredible, you are a mother and you are the light of your babies eyes. I wanted to share this to show the reality of our bodies and that it’s okay not to be perfect because in their eyes you are exactly that."

The response to the post, which racked up more than 2K comments and many comments, was hugely positive. "This post is everything! So beautifully said," one Instagram user wrote. Another confessed, "I am 41 with three beautiful children. I have struggled hugely with my body image mainly due to my husband totally physically rejecting me. In fairness to him, he said it was nothing to do with my stomach (which look identical to yours) But I've struggled so much to cope and fear no one will ever want me again. Then I saw you. You look amazing and who wouldn't love you? Thank you. I'm going through a very hard time separating and this made me feel better xx."

Marson told The Independent that she shared her journey in an effort to "normalize postpartum bodies and make people aware of the reality of giving birth and carrying children. It's taken me a long time to accept who I am and I want to help other women accept themselves and feel beautiful just the way they are."

Props to this beautiful twin mama for sharing such an empowering, inspiring message. It's one we can never truly get enough of.


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