Remember that moment your child was kind of a jerk? (Or as we like to call them, the toddler years?) We asked Parents editors and Facebook fans to confess those times when you love your kid, but not her behavior.

August 29, 2016

“Can I recall a moment my child was an a-hole? Most moments, when you have a toddler, I would say sort of qualify. There’s that time he threw his dinner on the floor...” — Julia Edelstein, Senior Health Editor, Parents

"My 4-year-old is going through a picky phase. I placed her dinner in front of her; to which she replies 'Ugh, no. I don't like this.' My was response was, 'Stop complaining, and eat your food.' Her response, 'Stop making nasty food.'  If there was ever a time I felt like flipping off my kid... Well lol." — Laura Ramirez-Garza

"We have a very sweet cashier at our grocery store who has clearly had some dental problems and has lost most of her teeth. When my kid had just turned four, we were checking out, and she said to him, 'Every time I see you, you've gotten bigger!' And my little punk said, 'Every time I see you, you've lost a tooth.' I basically died of embarrassment right there at the store. I apologized profusely and the kiddo got a very stern lecture about saying things about other people's bodies." — Cara Anderson Peer

“Right before bedtime when I'm trying to sing them a goodnight lullaby, my older one will just sing right over me. Total nonsense, top of her voice, waking up the other one, and it drives me crazy.” — Ayn-Monique Klahre, Deputy Editor, FamilyFun

"Where do I begin?! I'll just start with the very latest: threw a remote and broke our new TV." — Deanna Knopp 

“My 5-year-old son was using my friend's banister as a ramp and sliding down it, and I didn't realize what was going on. I was helping in the kitchen and she went out and she was like, stop that. And he looked at her and he said, 'You're ruining my life.' We’re going home now. I don’t know, what else can I do? We’re going home. Now. — Jessica Hartshorn, Entertainment Editor, Parents

"My 4 year old is overly friendly to everyone, and one day we were at the grocery store and like normal she's saying hi to everyone we pass. One woman however, decided not to answer her with a hello back, so she yelled VERY loudly at her 'I SAID HELLO!!' OMG I about died." — Jackie McFarland 

“I think on her fifth or sixth birthday, my daughter had another party to go to the day of her party. And when she left the party, she realized she didn't get a goody bag or perhaps there wasn't a goody bag, and she started screaming and carrying on and demanding a goody bag in a way that was so embarrassing.” — Liz Krieger, Interim News Editor, Parents

"I started recently working overnights. I told my daughter, 8yrs old, that this is a better job because now i wont miss out on her school events. My kid pulls her stepdad aside and says "ya know moms only taking this job so she can use it as an excuse to sleep all day" rude hahahaha." — Rikki Kim

"Oh man, am I having one of those days. My daughter has been testing me and she is 4. Today, I told her to go get her shoes on and she looks at me and says, 'Mommy, I'm getting really tired of you.' Same, little munchkin, same." — Melissa Erskine

"My daughter is 10 going on 17. Her attitude has been driving me crazy. I made ravioli bake for dinner and she goes, 'Mom, didn't we JUST have this?' and I said, 'No, we had bubble pizza.' She replied, 'Well it all tastes the same to me, you might want to try new flavors once in a while.' Um, excuse me??"  — Lisa Ladonski

"Oh which one? My granddaughter and I were in the grocery store and behind this very slow shopper. She yells 'lady, drive it like you stole it, not like you borrowed it!!' Yep, right into the floor I went." — Jill Silar-Richeal

"Eating dinner at a Mexican restaurant with our 4-year-old one night, and she announces that she would like spaghetti bolognese. After being informed that 'unfortunately, we don't serve that here,' she exclaims, 'the service here is TERRIBLE!' I about died." — Rachel Price

"My 6-year-old walked into the house after I'd spent a couple hours getting dinner ready and promptly asks, 'what is that smell?? It smells disgusting!!!' I told him, 'it's dinner and just so you know, that was rude' and he quickly responded with, 'well just so you know, I'm not eating it.' So he was sent to bed. Without dinner." — Amanda Jeppesen Anderson

"The other day, my 5-year-old had a 'clothes fight' which just basically means throwing an entire basket of clean clothes on the floor." — Kara Chapman

"We went to the Melting Pot for dinner on Monday and my two youngest kids were out of control. My daughter kept running off and sitting with strangers, my son kept yelling at the top of his lungs. Their were tears and yelling, mostly from me. My daughter started growling at the people next to us at one point. They have never behaved like this or we wouldn't go out. It was so bad, I bought the dinner for the people next to us." — Andria Parietti-Carlough

"My 3-year-old's favorite phrase she uses whenever I don't give her what she wants: 'Mommy, you broke my life!'." — Lori Schultz 


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